Which Keratin Hair Mask Is Best? - woman, mask, keratin, Hair


It is hard to find someone, especially a girl in this age of high technology, who doesn’t know about keratin treatment. Keratin hair mask This product is essential for dry, porous and frizzy hair. It can be used to treat damaged hair from frequent bleaching and heat styling. It contains the structural protein Keratin, which is similar to the one found in the cortex of human hair. Keratin should repair the damage and complete hair shaft structure.

Which Keratin Hair Mask Is Best? - woman, mask, keratin, Hair

Shampoo can be used at home to restore hair. This type of care can be considered professional. It does not matter whether the cosmetic product is prepared in the salon or at home — the effect of it will please every female representative. It all depends on how the product is used.

How to use the mask?

Keratin hair masks can be used to restore damaged hair. However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the best results.

  • The mask is suitable for absolutely any type — if the scalp is too oily and sensitive, it is better not to apply the composition of the finished product to the dermis itself and start distributing it from the middle of the hair;
  • Keratin care is a constant process. It is then that you and others will notice the effects of home procedures.
  • Any keratin composition has a rich texture and requires thorough rinsing — it is better to spend an extra two minutes in the bathroom, then you will get nourished and not sleek hair;
  • Experts recommend applying it under a plastic cap and a warm towel — this will allow the components of the composition to open up under the influence of temperature.
  • The mask should be exposed for no more than 15 minutes. However, homemade mixtures may require a longer exposure time of up to 20 minutes.

Make sure you test for allergic reactions before using the mask. Apply a small amount of product to the earlobes, crook of your elbow, or wrist. You should weigh the pros and cons of both a professional, store-bought and homemade keratin hair masque. The first one will show results immediately.

Experts recommend that before you begin to treat, you do a therapeutic haircut using hot scissors to seal your split ends. You can also use the same shampoos for masks. If you feel that this task is too difficult for you, you can seek the assistance of professionals at the salon. Everything will be done at the highest possible level. They can help you decide if this is the right procedure for you or if it is better to go with another method to restore brittle and split hairs

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