Since its inception, necklaces have been a type of jewel. Although the Stone Age was the first time that necklaces were made, Egyptian necklaces, European queens’ jewelry, and other pieces that had a huge impact on fashion like the choker necklace are all still in existence.
At the moment, a necklace can be worn on many occasions. Each occasion will require a unique piece. The occasion is not the only thing that matters. To avoid being too heavy, we need to consider the clothing we wear.. It is important to keep in mind the various situations and events.



You don’t have to sacrifice the elegance of a necklace in your daily look. The most worn option and the one that looks best when paired with everything is Necklaces with fine chains and small hanging pieces. These necklaces are a great way to express our personalities or keep a special memory of someone you love close by. The latest trend is the layering of this type of necklace, combining pieces of different lengths (normally none below the chest) and with different matching accessories (for example, moon and stars, or flowers and a bee ). A finishing touch to your set is adding a longer chain or links with a design to it.



Many accessories that we use daily are also applicable to work. However, for the workplace, we must opt ​​for simplicity and qualityA discreet and elegant necklace that matches our personality. A Short pearl necklace or a pendant with a large pearl, for example, are two pieces that can go very well with the office look.



Nights and special events are great occasions for showing off the pieces you love the most. It is a good idea to create contrast between your outfits and the necklace. You can make your necklace the focal point of your outfit, such as with a simple square emerald suspended from a fine chain. You can also combine a larger necklace, with diamonds, stones or pearls, with a more simple set.



It is crucial to choose the right necklace when you need to look flawless at events. We have two options. A diamond necklace that highlights our neckline or matches our dress is one option. The ideal option is to choose a ring that matches the earrings or the dress. Necklace with a fine, very short chainThe neckline is made more prominent by the, which falls below your clavicle.

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