What is a TRASTRA wallet

We are pleased to announce that we have become a partner of the TRASTRA cryptocurrency payment system! Unfortunately, it does not work with users from Russia because the legislation of this country is still somewhat ambiguous in its interpretation of operations with cryptocurrencies. But it offers excellent conditions for Europeans.

You can find more information on the benefits page of the English version of the site. For any questions, you can contact our Russian-speaking technical support directly. Consider the main features of this payment platform.

How does the TRASTRA wallet differ from others?

You can create a cryptocurrency wallet in bitcoins, bitcoins cash, lycoins, ether, online wallet ripple. It is convenient for storing, receiving, and sending digital coins. The rate for cryptocurrency transactions depends on the desired delivery speed.

You can get a TRASTRA Visa card linked to a personal IBAN. The card allows you to spend cryptocurrency from your account, pay for goods in stores, or withdraw cash from ATMs. At the same time, digital money is instantly converted into euros. And IBAN allows you to replenish the card by bank transfer without commission from the payment system. Delivery of the card is carried out within the zone of the EEA countries.

It is also essential that modern algorithms and tools protect your savings inside the wallet. TRASTRA also ensures the convenience of its use: there is a web version and a mobile application, and you can manage the card in real time.

Online wallets for cryptocurrencies

 These wallets are online resources that provide the ability to store, transfer or receive virtual coins. This way of starting a cryptocurrency is most suitable for novice investors who still manage rather small amounts of coins but plan to develop and increase capital in the future.

TRASTRA is one of the pioneers in the market of multi-currency crypto-wallets in the Russian language, deployed in 2021. Currently, about 9 million customers store their digital funds in more than 200 countries worldwide, while about half carry out transactions on their accounts every month. In addition to personal wallets, the user is also provided with a crypto-exchange, which allows you to profitably and quickly purchase or sell the most relevant crypto-coins (buy btc iban, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, Ripple, etc.) for rubles, dollars, or dollars. TRASTRA is connected to over 25 payment methods, including the usual Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro bank cards. And you can keep track of your account and conduct transactions not only from a PC but also from a smartphone running iOS or Android.

Features of Online Cryptocurrency Wallets

If we compare online wallets with other versions, we can highlight some features, namely:

  • the web wallet is hosted on a remote server and may be subject to hacker attacks;
  • owners of online services have access to users’ private keys, even if they claim otherwise;
  • they are simple and easy to work with;
  • using web wallets, you maintain the anonymity of financial transactions;
  • the fee for cryptocurrency transfer is lower due to the mass nature of transactions.

Online versions of cryptocurrency wallets are also called “hot,” as they have constant access to the Internet, which affects their security level.

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