Best Free Website To Learn Python Programming In 2021

One lucrative computer programming language to learn in this current age is Python programming. Everyone is trying to learn because it’s a type of programing language for the future. For this very reason, I made research to get websites that teach python for free. So I will be listening best free website to learn python in 2021.

Python is a very powerful general-purpose programming language that was designed by Guido van Rossum in the year 1991. And since its invention, the programming language hasn’t looked back a bit. So get on board and start to learn. Before listing the best free websites to learn Python programming, let me first answer some of the questions you might be wanting to ask.

Why Must I Learn Python programming?

You might have questions like what would I gain by learning Python. Well to answer your question, you stand to gain a lot by learning Python programming. Why because programming is in high demand in major aspects of technology. Aspects like engineering and data science make use of Python programming. You can also use Python in artificial intelligence and machine learning. So you see it’s very lucrative. You can also use it for software design, web applications, and lots more.

Is Python Easy To Learn Or Very Hard To Learn.

Most beginners often ask this question. Which programming language should I start to learn, questions like which is very easy. In my experience, I will advise you to start with the Python programming language. Because is very easy to read and write. Even kids can learn python. So I will say Python is very easy to learn compared to other types of programming languages like Java.

And you don’t necessarily have to get a laptop or a desktop computer to learn Python. Our smartphones now help us a lot in getting essential apps which include Python apps. So you can download it for free on the Apple store or Google play store. However, the laptop software app is also free just go to their website to download it here for free. Or you search for it on Google. there are even some apps that can help you learn Programming

Having known a little about the Python programming language and its importance, lets me list out websites where you can learn this programming language for free. Check them out.

Top 10 Website To Learn Python Programming In 2021


Tutorial points offer a comprehensive guide in learning Python programming for free. Those of you with no programming background can try this website. It starts from very scratch to advance level Python programming. The website also takes learners like you and me who wish to learn through every step till you get to the advanced level. To sum it up the website is very easy to use and all instructions are simple to understand.


Code Academy

Code academy is a website that offers courses on everything programming which includes python programming. Why I recommend this site to learn python is that as you learn, you can type in the example directly in the browser and immediately see your result. So it helps save you the stress of setting up a development environment. This particular website is good for beginners. The course you will be taught will help you get to the intermediate level. And is all free.



Codementor is for those who already have a foundation in Python programming. Although there are specific sections of the website that can help beginners. But I strongly recommend beginners check out other websites on the list of sites to learn python programming quickly. Each section of this website has a different course entirely with good examples to help you learn quickly. This website focuses on making intermediate python programmers experts.


Python Challenge

If you love challenges and want to learn python programming by challenging yourself. Then python challenge is the best website for you to learn. However, the design of the website isn’t the best around. But if you look beyond the site display you can get the best out of this site. It has a different level of challenges. To go beyond a level you must pass all the tests at that level. The site has 33 challenges in total. However, I can’t guarantee you of becoming a pro by using this website. But try it out you might just love it.


Learn python

Learn python help beginners by getting them to do what they’ve learned right there in the browser. It’s an attractive website where you learn and also practice. With learn python, you can move from a novice to an intermediate.  There are also assignments you can try. At the end of every lesson to know if you’ve truly mastered what you have learned. And is all free.


Python For Beginners

As the name suggests this site was initially designed to help beginners learn faster. The website has a simple user interface that can make anyone find their way around it. The course is well arranged. Yours is to find the section you want to learn and click on it. One good thing about this very site is that even professionals can use it to guide them especially those who are into development. The courses are all free. So you don’t have to pay a dime.



Pythonspot for me is the full package. The site owners group the tutorials in different categories. So you can be a beginner now. But as you follow you grow into an expert. It gives tutorials even on advanced python like a web application. And the UI is so excellent and it’s good for learning.


After Hours Programming

While if you love web design I will advise you stick with this very site to learn python for free. The tutors help you start with the introduction of Python and how you can use it in web developments. The tutorial sections are well arranged to help you track your learning. They offer other web development programming like JavaScript.



Edx is a very popular website where you can take courses for free. Although not all come for free. Certificate courses have a price tag attached to them. Ok, edx offer python programming courses also. I once used to learn some free weeks back and it was excellent. They give you an avenue to download the course textbook watch videos and also do assignments. It’s good for beginners and intermediates.



Last on the list of Best websites to learn python programming for free is codeexampler. This site for me is one of the simple websites on this very list of sites to learn python. It takes you from not knowing anything in python to be a good python programmer. The explanations are simple to understand. Each section comes with a lot of examples for you to understand. Codeexampler offers other types of programming languages like Java.


Final Words On Website To Learn Python Programming For Free

Well I know there are a lot of websites that offer tutorials too. But these are the sites I think will help both beginners and intermediates learners to learn quickly. You can also try YouTube there are a lot of videos there that can also help you learn.

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