Anyone with a shared office space experiences this situation at least once in their life.

Do you get comfortable after everyone leaves the office? Don’t be afraid to nod your head with a yes! The caveat undertakes some homely habits (like eating), which might be acceptable for the home interface, but for the office space- hell no!

Now that you are wondering about the problem, know these habits can make your office pest breeding grounds. Eating at your workstation seems pretty convenient, but what about the creepy-crawly pests overrunning your space. 

You’ll agree that this doesn’t sound like too much fun!

That’s why company buildings have a well-drafted process for taking care of pest infestations in Sydney. Companies enter into contracts with commercial pest control services to ensure that the facilities are pest-free. Do you now recognize the severity of the problem?

If yes, then here are some tips to make your office space as great as the service you render. Let’s get started:

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Ward Off Office Pests Now! 101 Professional Hacks That Works-articledesk

Keep your workplaces clean

The first step towards pest control management starts with keeping the office space clean at all times. Start by imposing some rules on proper waste management, regular cleaning, and food handling by hired professional cleaners. 

Schedule a general cleaning once or twice annually to stop pests.

Keep the commercial exteriors clean

Now that you are familiar with pest infestations and are cleaning your office interiors to the best levels, why turn a blind eye to the exteriors? Yes, you should pay special attention to large outdoor spaces like gardens, parking, and others. 

Know that these areas can be home to various pests if not maintained. If you sight problems or realize that the site isn’t inspected for a while, hire a professional pest control company. 

Turning a blind eye to maintenance check is most likely to expose you to potential damages like damaged structures, increasing gaps, holes, crevices, and pipe leaks. The Sydney pest control company shed light on how multiple proofs give room to pests like ants, cockroaches, and rodents. You’ll never realize the need until you witness short circuits or fire in your office- all thanks to rodents’ gnaw. 

Regular plumbing maintenance 

One of the best ways to eliminate cockroaches in the office space is to test areas they are most likely to hide. These could include walls and ceilings where people cannot hide them.

When you hire a reputable pest control service, you get plumbing inspection, besides other benefits. The experts will ensure that the number of rodents and cockroaches reduces. Also, they examine the plumbing system of your office space and suggest structure renovation and repair, if needed. 

Avoid Water Stagnation

Ensure disposing of any material lying around water-retaining capacity. The advice comes as a known fact that mosquitoes use stagnant water as a breeding ground, and rodents and bugs need regular water sources.

Thereby, consider emptying anything that receives stagnant water. It is because mosquito eggs will find the inability to hatch their eggs around your premises. Other bugs, too, will stave off the water source. 


Maintain a Ventilation System

The primary duty of administrative staff should be to schedule a maintenance routine. Start by putting a place for your ventilation, air conditioning system, and plumbing.

When you involve yourself in such maintenance activities, you end the accumulation of debris, hidden clogs, and leaks that are most likely to attract unwanted insects and pests in your workspace. Ensure cleaning your cooling and plumbing systems at all times. 

Ensure a clean pantry

One of the most popular spaces for employees to gather for resting and carrying out food consumption activities is a pantry. Also, this space oversees food disposal, water usage, and wastage to the most significant levels. 

Thereby, it is pretty safe to admit that office pantries have the most risk of requiring food sources, moisture, and garbage to feed on. Office staff must ensure having a diligent housekeeping and maintenance system; else, sit back and watch common pests’ exposure in your workspace. 

Have the Lounge and Refrigerator Clean

Companies allot lounges as a designated place for office employees to eat. But, sometimes inconsiderate employees leave their rubbish and dirty dishes in the sink. 

Refrigerators are another place that attracts bugs the most. Pests generally pave a path under the refrigerator to hide from sanitation workers’ eyes. 

Pest control companies work wonders here. 

They keep the cleaning process pretty simple and are aware of the familiar pest infestation places, cleaning up spaces in the most effective ways!

Steady Employee Orientation

A workspace can remain clean only when every employee makes a regular contribution to the cleanliness process. Thus, reminding the team of their role in achieving a clean environment holds importance. You can do this by spreading necessary information about pest infestations like rodents, pests, and insects and the procedures required to stop their entry. 

Cockroaches and bugs transport from one place to another the most. A proper orientation works the best in this circumstance to reduce or spread the infestation. 

Ward Off Office Pests Now 101 Professional Hacks That Works

Further To-dos

Consider proper identification of your pests before rushing into a decision or selecting a particular product.

Your efforts won’t bear any fruits if these solutions don’t cater to your pest problem. Even different ants consume different foods and need various control measures. 

Once you know the pests’ category invading your space, ensure doing the following things to your building. The to-dos are sure to help you get a sigh of relief. 

  • Check the siding joint or foundation using a mirror. Mark the location of the gap if you find one. You can also make use of masking tape to help you seal it effectively. 
  • Plug the necessary gaps with a mesh. Use a screwdriver for stuffing a hefty amount of copper mesh. Leave behind around half an inch of space so that the sealant foam can expand as such expansion will seal the gaps. 
  • Caulk Gaps between Siding and Trims:
    • Consider filling the gaps between siding and trim using acrylic latex caulk.
    • Keep a wet cloth handy to clean the stray caulk.
    • Use a damp finger to smoothen up the bead.
  • Ensure sealing doors, basement shades, and windows with adhesive-backed weatherstripping.
  • Eye at the dryer vent gaps and ensure that the damper doesn’t open or break off altogether. Also, check if the seal between the wall and bent is tight. 
  • Pull the soffit gap nests and ensure filling these openings with the expanding foam. Cut off the excess foam with a utility knife if it hardens. 

Every office engages in some DIY methods and quick solutions to resist pest infestations. Some keys don’t work, and employees tend to experience pests’ recurrence, which further deteriorates the situation. 

Top management must ensure proper site inspection works well in identifying root cause problems, especially at the blind spots and in spaces that are difficult to access. 

What’s Next? Clench an Experts’ Hand to Exterminate Office Pest Infestation! 

While nobody feels comfortable with cockroaches, rodents, or insects in increasing your office errands, it is time to consult a professional. You may consider spraying some personal pesticides but never do that. It may cause more harm than good. 

Consult a pest control company and dwell in tranquility with rodent control services, termite treatments, and more.

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