VoIP applications allow you to make free calls over the Internet while at work and enable a group of people to participate in a conference call. It also allows you to make and receive calls on your computer or over a telephone connected to an adapter that works with your computer.

It helps cut down costs as a technology since there’s no need for a separate line for every person in your home or office. And the sound quality is generally better than that of traditional phone service.

There are top 10 VoIP providers catering to meet the telecommunication needs of businesses and individuals all across the globe apart from the additional value-added features to facilitate their smooth operations and functions. 

Pandemic has given rise to work from home or remote work culture demanding employees to work from outside the premise of their offices.

Organizational factors, including those linked to communications, have undoubtedly changed due to remote working. As a result, many businesses have discovered that VoIP solutions are ideal for distant teams; it has become an essential part of their lives. 

From home offices to small businesses, from remote workers to busy professionals, there are several benefits that VoIP provides as a service


Full-time accessibility 

The ability to make quality phone calls from anywhere and anytime from your broadband Internet connection is a fast and convenient option for communicating with colleagues and clients worldwide. 

VoIP offers many benefits for remote workers, particularly those in sales and real estate. With VoIP, you can work on the go – even if you’re traveling for business. In addition, you don’t need to worry about missing a call if your mobile phone isn’t within reach. 

In addition, VoIP systems can integrate with smartphones so that you can stay connected to incoming phone calls, new tasks, and more while still on the move.

Enhance productivity

Employees who are working from home have higher production levels.   Because VoIP enables rapid communication, this results in receiving quick feedback and making decisions faster. There’s also the benefit of scheduling. 

Employees who can work from home a few days per week spend less time on the travel and have more spare time to devote to assignments, and are less distracted.


Remote workers can benefit from VoIP’s greater reliability and improved communications quality. In addition, VoIP is cloud-based, which means its availability isn’t limited to operable hardware. 

If one of your calls goes down, the next call could be rerouted so that you don’t experience any breaks in communication.

Safe and secure 

One of the most crucial features of VoIP is that it provides robust security. Instead of using conventional cellular and landline communications, which can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to their open nature, VoIP uses a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to ensure all data remains private and secure. 

The system updates itself automatically, meaning you won’t need to worry about which updates are available.


Additional features 

VoIP is a versatile solution that can help your remote workers stay connected and productive. They can make, receive and transfer voice calls to anyone in the world, and take advantage of a wide range of collaboration tools such as chat, video conferencing, sharing files and instant messaging.

A VoIP communication and collaboration platform can help you find a more cost-effective way to connect your business. Moreover, enterprise-level systems such as SaaS are ideal for managing high volumes of remote workers. As a result, business hubs across the globe can establish new connections with their partners and clients in just minutes.

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