Trouble In Convertıng Excel Fıles To Pdf Here Are The Top 6 Solutıons For You

Microsoft Excel is one of the most important tools for data processing. It is a spreadsheet program that can be used on computers and laptops with Microsoft Office installed as a tool. It is also used by programmers, statisticians, analysts, and other professionals.

Because it is easy to use and powerful, people are using this software more and more.

So, why convert Excel to PDF?

The answer to that question is easy: The Portable Document Format (PDF) is the most popular document format in the world. If you have a PDF file, you have it on all devices. You can open it on your mobile phone or laptop without worrying about formatting issues or compatibility problems. It will always look exactly like the original document.

But there’s another big reason why people want to change their Excel spreadsheet to PDF. PDF files are more secure than other formats because they can’t be edited unless you have a special program or tool. If security is your top priority, then you can use password protection on your PDF file to ensure no one else has access to it.

Another reason why people would prefer converting their files into PDF is that they want them to be in a more readable format when sending and receiving emails. This is especially important when sending large numbers of documents or reports through email or faxing them over the Internet.

Why do people find it difficult to convert excel to PDF

PDF is a popular format for sharing documents online. It preserves the formatting of the original document and enables users to view it from any device, regardless of its operating system or software. That’s why many users want to convert their Excel files to PDF.

The payoff for converting your Excel sheets into PDF is significant: Files are smaller, more secure, and easy to send via email. However, the process itself can be confusing and frustrating if you don’t know how to do it properly.

There are numerous reasons why people find it difficult to convert their Excel files into PDF: 

They don’t have the right tools

It is important for me to let you know that if you want to make your work easier when converting from Excel to PDF, then you have no option but to use the right tools. Using the right tools will not only make your work easier but also save on time, effort and resources. Therefore, if you want an easy time when converting excel to PDF, then make sure that you have the right tools.

They lack knowledge on how conversion works

Another reason why many people find it difficult when converting from excel o PDF is that they don’t have enough knowledge on how conversion works. For example, one has no idea how he or she should start and where he should end when converting from Excel to PDF.

Excel does not include a built-in feature for converting documents. It would be convenient if you could do this from within the program, but unfortunately, you cannot. You will need to use an external program or online tool in order to accomplish this task.

Device incompliance 

Another reason is that some of these software packages require users to have access to computers in order to be able to use them properly.

One more reason is that some of these software packages may not work with Excel spreadsheets at all. And finally, one more reason is that most people do not have access to computers in order to be able to convert Excel documents into PDF format correctly.

Confusion over the format

Many people confuse PDF with HTML codes and other familiar formats, which is why they face difficulty in understanding how the system works. Data remains intact in the new format as well, so there are no issues regarding data loss or other problems as such.

Fear of losing data

Most people fear that their data might get lost during conversion if they are not careful about certain things. The idea behind formatting a document into a PDF file is to protect it from any external damages that might happen due to viruses or other reasons.

So, your data will remain safe in this version of the system as well. However, you need to be careful while selecting authentic software for the purpose because conversion through unreliable sources can be dangerous for your data sometimes.

What are the top 6 solutions to convert excel to PDF

Are you looking for the top six solutions to convert excel files into PDF? Look no further as the following are the six best ways to convert Excel to PDF.

Convert Excel files to PDF by using an online Excel to PDF Converter

Excel documents cannot be viewed without the MS Excel program on your computer; however, converting them to PDF files will make them accessible to anyone.

There are many ways to convert Excel documents to PDFs. The easiest ones are by using an online converting tool known as Excel to PDF converter.

To convert Excel to PDF by using this particular online tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Upload File” and select a file from your computer. You can also drag and drop your File in the box provided on the screen.
  3. After loading the File, click “Convert” and wait for a few seconds for the conversion process to complete.
  4. Click “Download” to save it on your computer or other online storage option available on the site.

If you do not wish to download on your device, you can also share the download link via email, copy the direct link and send the File to the relevant person over WhatsApp.

This is by far the most convenient and hassle-free method that is used to convert Excel to PDF without wasting time. It doesn’t require downloading any program. All you need is just an internet connection. You can make use of this tool through any device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.

Convert Excel to PDF using Google Drive

Google Drive is an easy way to convert Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019 files to PDF for free. It works fine with .xlsx, .xls and .csv files in batch. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Open your document with Google Docs.
  • Step 2: Once you are on Google Docs, click on “File” then “Download as,” and finally choose the “PDF Document.”

Although this seems like an easy option, most people have trouble using it on the go, especially when they do not have a good internet connection.

Convert Excel to PDF using Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a great tool for converting both simple and complex excel documents into PDF files. Files that are converted by this method retain the original formatting of the File as well as images and text. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Open your Excel file in Microsoft Excel.
  • Step 2: Click on File and then Save As.
  • Step 3: Select where you want your PDF file saved, give it a name, select “PDF” under “Save as type,” and then click “Save.” Your File will be converted in seconds.

This is another great way to convert your Excel file into PDF without having to download any third-party software.

Use the Print function

Another effective way to create a PDF document from an Excel file is to use the Print function. To do this, open the Excel file and click File > Print. 

From the drop-down menu, choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ as your printer and then click ‘Print.’ You’ll then be prompted to save your newly created PDF document onto your computer.

Convert Excel to PDF using Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

Adobe Acrobat is a paid software program that you might not be able to find for free.

When you’re ready to convert your Excel file to PDF, using Adobe Acrobat Pro is a fast and simple option.

  • Open Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.
  • Click File > Open, and then choose the Excel file to convert.
  • Click Create to open the Create PDF dialog box.
  • In the Create PDF dialog, choose from File > Spreadsheet > Microsoft Excel Workbook.
  • Choose the location for your new PDF, and enter a new name for the File.
  • Then click Save, and your Excel spreadsheet will be converted into a PDF document.

Excel to PDF is a well-known problem. In the following, I will explain the top 6 solutions to convert excel files to PDF.

Use Microsoft Word to convert excel document into PDF

If you have Microsoft Word installed on your computer, you can also use it for converting Excel files into PDF documents. 

Word 2013 enables you to convert an existing document into a PDF file. This is useful when you have created a document and want to distribute it electronically rather than as a hard copy. You can also convert your Word document into a different file type, such as an image file. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your Word document.
  • Click the File tab at the window’s top-left corner, then click Save As.
  • Select PDF from the “Save as type” drop-down menu in the Save As window.
  • Click Save to save your converted PDF file.
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