Top 5 P2E Games to Play and Earn

Video games are no longer limited to traditional cybersport. New projects regularly appear on the Play-to-Earn market, allowing you to earn real money. P2E means play and earn money. Simply put, play games that use blockchain. Experienced players usually know that an early entry to the platform opens up opportunities to make a big profit.

NFTs have paved the way for improving the profitability and trading activity of crypto games. Being able to exchange certain items and characters is a dream for crypto game enthusiasts. Today, there are many projects, and they are all unique. Let’s classify the most popular and fascinating.

Best Play-to-Earn Games for 2022

P2E games have supported the growth of NFTs. They also allow players to earn cryptocurrencies by participating in content. Items, avatars, and characters are becoming increasingly popular in NFT-based games.

  1. MetaGods

MetaGods is an example of a multiplayer online role-playing game where you can earn money when playing. Fight monsters in the dungeon and get paid for the victory. MetaGods also allows you to earn money on resale and rental of land. All characters in the project are in NFT format. 

Also, it has its token, MGOD. Users can use it to purchase kits consisting of characters, equipment, weapons, and consumables.

  1. Illuvium

Illuvium is an open-world RPG setting game that uses blockchain. The game’s purpose is to travel through a fantasy world and capture and defeat creatures roaming the land. In Illuvium, you can trade all in-game items and Illuvium on the NFT exchange. In addition, you can earn the in-game currencies “sILV” and “ILV.” Players can also buy this token on a fast cryptocurrency exchange and place it on the Illuvium platform.

  1. Cyber Dragon

Cyber Dragon is an example of an online card game on the blockchain. To start, you need to buy a character. Then, players should upgrade their characters to increase their chances of winning the battle against the dragon. Users can purchase this card from the project’s native token, BinaryX (BNX), on the platform’s internal marketplace. In previous market analyses, BinaryX (BNX) was one of the three most profitable coins in the first half of 2022.

  1. Sipher

With the increasing threat of environmental pollution, resource scarcity, and catastrophic natural disasters, Sipher is emerging as a new universe. In Sipher, you can migrate to create another universe and live with other inhabitants. Currently, the number of Sipherians is very small, but most can actively cast NFTs and continue to trade in the NFT market.

  1. PlayEstates

Do you still think exchanging ETH to LTC is the best way to earn money? What about playing an investment game? Users can invest the tokens earned in the project in real estate and purchase part of it. According to the project’s creators, the platform’s purpose is to increase the prosperity of people using digital tools. 

This project is somewhere between Play-to-Earn and a new direction, Play-to-Build. Players have been suggested to earn PlayEstates Fractional Ownership Token (PFT) in the game. Users can get this cryptocurrency by completing tasks within the platform.

In Conclusion

P2E games have come up with a reward for the efforts of gamers that conventional video games couldn’t do. Currently, P2E-NFT games continue to dominate. However, if NFT becomes mainstream, the concept of the “earning by playing” project will reach new heights in the future. It is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the dynamics of P2E-NFTs and win big prizes and rewards.

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