Tips on Packing like a Pro for Your Holiday

With international travel recovering after coronavirus, international holiday statistics are also improving: The number of UK holiday package users is expected to double from 2020’s figures, with more than 10 million seeking a package trip away – to say nothing of those planning their own excursions! Many of us have lost our ability to pack for holidays after years of holidaying in landlocked areas. These tips and tricks will help you pack efficiently and effectively.

Get to know the plan

While planning your holiday might not seem to be directly linked with packing your bags, knowing the specifics can make packing easier and more efficient. Say you’re going to Malaga for a week in the sun; not only will it help to know general things about the climate and projected weather for your destination, but also knowing the luggage limitations of your airline ticket, and If you’ll be using a Transfer service from Malaga airportYou can use this information to determine how much you should bring to your accommodation. If you’re traveling hand-luggage only, you know to be ruthless with your packing!

Essentials First – and Separately

Before you start arguing about which color trunks will look best with your flip-flops and what paperwork you need, make sure you have all the necessary items: your passport, papers, tickets, local currency, and any physical tickets. But don’t pack them with the rest of your luggage, whatever you do! You can keep them in a separate bag or in your hand luggage. You will know where they are before you leave, which will prevent any last-minute runs around the house. Packing them separately makes accessing them a breeze, and also eliminates any “did I actually pack this?” anxiety before you set off.

Organizing Your Packing

Piling clothes into your suitcase and sitting on the lid until it shuts is one method – but there are simple ways you can pack your luggage to keep it organized and accessible at all times, saving any hotel-room headaches when your suitcase explodes over your bed! Cubes are a great way to organize your luggage in distinct sections. You can also access certain items without disturbing others. If you’re backpacking, in the more literal sense of the word, there are some nifty ways you can maximize luggage space – including Fabrics that are compression-folded, an Army technique that can create lots of space (no pun intended).

No matter where you are going, packing with thoughtfulness and a sense of purpose can make a difference in terms of volume and peace-of-mind. All that’s left to say is “enjoy your holiday!”

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