The Luxurious Parisian Style That Every Woman Dreams Of

Parisian women are the ideal. Her style is also a dream. What’s there not to be dreamy about living in the most romantic and unforgettable city in the world – Paris? Parisian women are effortlessly stylish and well-dressed, no matter what clothes they wear. There is something about the way they move, walk, talk… The fashion movement they maintain is undeniable, classic, and timeless.

Adopting the Parisian lookThis requires confidence and a certain style but is not difficult to do. It’s about accentuating your natural beauty while following a certain Dress code

We’ve been through a lot of fashion brands that Parisian women tend to shop for, so we can bring you the French style close to you. You should know about many luxury brands, including Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Lauren and Dior. These are the brands that many French influencers shop from. Have you heard of Loewe, BA&SHOr Isabel Marant?

These clothes are stunning and will grab your attention immediately! We were pleasantly surprised to discover the brand. BA&SHWe felt Parisian streets, glamour, and the timeless appeal of French fashion. This brand quickly became a hit with influencers, and this is why we were so intrigued. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of elevated silk dresses, high-neck blouses, and timeless closet staples that are perfect for work, nights out, and every other occasion in between.

The Parisienne daily look

La Parisienne is determined to break the old codes, and remove the restrictions that come with the classic rules of luxury. The goal? Wear a look with a chic-casual look, which suggests the idea of ​​non-research, but which in reality is the subject of a real work of craftsmanship. It is crucial to maintain consistency in the selection of accessories and parts. It is remarkable that the French woman, now without complexes, is visible on social networks and doesn’t hesitate to show her form loudly!

We created these complementary looks using some accessories and clothes from BA&SH. It will be a match made in Heaven, we think. What do YOU think?



* Nerea top    * Lili skirt      *  Teddy M leather Bag      * Caitlin boots



The second combination includes the Brook top, the Gina short with brown and lilac details in forms of leaves, as well as the stylish and fashionable Coda boots. This combo is perfect for spring!

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