It doesn’t matter how slim or tall we are, the important thing is to feel comfortable in our pants and to be able to wear them with confidence. To enhance the figure, there are several elements we can consider.

If you find it difficult to find high-waisted pants that are not too tight at the waist, or you don’t know what type of fabric will suit you best, this post is for you. We answer the most frequent questions curvy ladies have when trying to find the perfect pair of pants.

What jeans should you choose if your body is curvy?

If you have oval silhouette or an Hourglass bodyThese are the best jeans for you.

  • Bootcut jeans: Look for balance


These pants, which are slightly flared at your ankles, will help you balance your upper body and lower body. These pants are very flattering for those who want to hide their calf.

We recommend you pair them with high-heeled sandals or shoes with the same color as the high-waisted ones. No matter what option you choose, your legs will look more stylish.

  • Flare jeans, stylize your silhouette even more


The pant cut is almost identical to the previous, but slightly longer. Flare jeans cover the footwear completely, while the previous ones were below the ankle. This gives the silhouette more verticality and makes it more stylized.

These pants are also a classic 70s style. They can be worn to hide your hips. If you pair them with good heels, they will enhance your silhouette. Flared jeans can be paired with a fitted ribbed shirt, a jacket that hits the hips, espadrilles, or wedge sandals this season. The perfect casual chic look

  • High-waisted jeans, a must


High-waisted jeans are the best choice for curvy women who want to enhance their figure. They not only look great but also conceal the abdomen.

Because they are so tight, one of the best ways to wear them is to combine them and looser clothes with a straight cut at top. These are great for mid-season if worn with a straight-fit tee and a blazer with verticality. You can choose from sneakers for a casual look, or kitten heels to create a feminine and chic look. You choose!

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