The success of Instagram only confirms the hypothesis that niche separation is the future of all social media. As many marketers predicted, platforms began to be divided not only by type of users (like Linkedin for professionals), but also by type of content, such as Instagram and Pinterest. Both networks are focused on visuals, but it is interesting that Instagram has become an amazing success story.

The number of active users of the site is growing every day, and now there are more than 2 billion users on the site. It would be rash not to take advantage of such a “live” network in their own interests for profit and/ or popularity. Many people think that it is impossible to succeed online in 2022, but this is not true. Everyone has the opportunity to try themselves in a new field, given the number of ways to promote. Anyone can launch an advertising campaign, buy Instagram followers or collaborate with bloggers. It’s time to look at the possibilities of the network through the eyes of specialists and find out which methods of promotion are the most effective today.

Instagram marketing is dynamic, so it is extremely difficult to predict the near future of the social network. However, based on the main trends, it is possible to determine which methods of promotion are working at the moment.


For the first time, short 15-second “live” stories appeared in 2016. Since then, they have been an important marketing tool for promoting an account on the network and increasing awareness. Short stories are usually entertaining or informational in nature at the level of everyday life, but many major brands, companies and influencers have learned to use them to attract an audience.

Stories are great for promotions, sales, announcements, and so on when it comes to business. Such content is short-term, and therefore causes a sense of urgency. You can find out the preferences, interests and desires of followers using surveys. They also help you get an idea of what users expect from you, what content they are interested in and what they expect in the future to increase the level of loyalty and trust.

The number of subscribers as an indicator of popularity.

Everyone who starts a personal page with the aim of obtaining their own benefits wants to get as much attention from strangers as possible. This desire is explained by the fact that a few years ago there was a trend in the media sphere related to the number of viewers.The more followers on your page, the more attractive you look to potential readers. To create a solid page look, many bloggers use the opportunity to buy Instagram followers cheap. Companies offer to buy live pages of real users, not useless sweat pages that spoil the page statistics. Thanks to the large number of viewers, many influencers have the opportunity to gain even more popularity.

Vertical Videos

In 2021 , the head of Instagram wrote in one of his posts : “We are no longer a square photo sharing app. This meant that now the photo content is not as relevant and in demand as the video. More often, users log into social networks using a smartphone, so the appearance of such content was inevitable. TikTok can be considered the discoverer of short vertical videos. This platform has won the hearts of many people around the world thanks to clear, accessible and dynamic clips. Seeing the success of TikTok, the developers of Instagram created IGTV and Reels as new formats for submitting information. Bloggers, businessmen and major brands have realized that promoting accounts will now become much easier if you follow the trend of vertical videos. The site even has a section where Reels and IGTV are collected separately. Today it is a great opportunity to get viewers in an organic way.

Instagram Live

Many promotion specialists and content makers recognize the need to communicate with followers. The Instagram live broadcast function allows you to interact with the target audience and provides two-way communication. Users can comment, ask questions or ask for advice, thus creating a sense of live communication, which positively affects the creation of loyal and trusting relationships with subscribers.  Live videos are fascinating and arouse the interest of viewers, because in this way they can communicate directly with the author of the page and learn his principles and philosophy of life.

Instagram is constantly evolving, and knowledge of current trends is necessary for those who have decided to connect their lives with blogging. In order to remain competitive and stand out against the background of numerous accounts, you need to be aware of what is currently relevant on the network. Do not forget about high-quality content, follow the trends, and then you will be able to achieve the desired result.

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