Students Need Help With Programing Homework

The number of students opting for studying programming has increased tremendously in the last few years. People decide to major in programming–including IT, computer science, computer engineering–for numerous reasons. Some are inspired by different startups that have changed the world and thus want to create something revolutionary. Others, in turn, are a bit more humble and strive to improve the field, working for large corporations. 

Whatever their goals are, they need first to graduate their studies (though there are exceptions). And here is the problem.

While students fully realize the importance of graduation, they often can’t keep up with their studies. Their schedules are filled with different classes, not to mention work and additional courses.

With all that said, the question of why students need programing homework help may arise. 

Below are the main reasons explaining this need.

Extracurricular activities

The world has become an extremely competitive place, and the programming field is no exception. As a matter of fact, programming is among the top branches where competitiveness is fierce. With the rise in students willing to study programming, the application requirements have been very demanding. Not only that, but the entire process has also become much more difficult. 

That is, students must be aware of the rivalry on the job market, and they must prove their skill sets are valuable and unparalleled. Attending extracurricular activities is one of the best ways to secure such prowess, and it allows people to learn things in parallel with their syllabi. 

And while that adds value to students’ abilities, it’s only the best-case scenario. In reality, such incorporation of studies and extracurricular activities puts pressure on students, so the latter often can’t deal with their homework alone. 

The lack of time

Another reason students need help with their programming assignments is a trivial lack of time. As said above, people must think of their future and find ways to perfect their finesse, thus becoming in demand upon graduation. 

However, that often results in students being on time shortage. Lacking time, they can’t deal with their homework, or even when they can spare time, there are many things on their minds that prevent students from revealing the question and completing the assignment successfully.

Insufficient knowledge

Let’s be honest, studying programming isn’t for all. Many students choose to study IT-related disciplines to make money in the long run. But they don’t pay enough attention to their studies; more so, they aren’t interested in all the subjects and don’t intend to get a rudimentary knowledge of how things work. Where does this lead them? This insufficient knowledge doesn’t allow them to deal with homework, which then results in failed tests and a dim programming future. 

Bad attitude from teachers

Students aren’t the only people to blame for their dire need for help. Teachers contribute to such a problem just as much. But first, let us not forget that educators are often underpaid. Their salaries are precarious, especially when we’re talking about programming. On average, a programming teacher makes a little more than $50 grand annually. So it’s no surprise they sometimes pay little attention to their teaching methods. 

However, it doesn’t justify their approaches, speaking of which. Oftentimes, teachers don’t aim to teach but cover a curriculum only. In other words, educators aren’t interested in making students first-class specialists. They just do their mundane job and conduct meaningless classes.

With a field like programming, classes must be dynamic, knowledge-laden, and tailored to today’s state of affairs. Following a syllabus designed years ago is nothing but letting teaching hours go down the drain. 

Instructors must be on the lookout for significant changes in the field, learn them, and include solutions in their classes. Instead, they just modify homework and assign it to students without further explanation. 

Missed classes

Although undesirable, no one can ward off missed classes. Whether it’s illness or other issues, it’s more important to think about how to make up for them. Since the competition is ferocious, students must put plenty of effort into understanding the contents of classes they’ve missed. 

Unfortunately, they often can’t reach out to teachers and cry for help, as instructors are snowed under with other lectures. In such instances, students have no choice but to search for additional services and tutors to get qualified help.

They need help with minor tasks

Despite the fundamental principle that knowledge is key to success, it’s equally important to maintain high grades to graduate successfully and with honors. Students determined to become A-level professionals wrestle with programming tasks and somehow handle them individually, sacrificing free time.

However, that’s often not enough to ensure a high score. Although their solutions are effective, the devil is always in the detail, so even a minor mistake can result in a lower grade. Therefore, students turn to experts, asking them to edit and/or proofread their works so that nothing can negatively influence the mark.

They need practical help

One of the most salient problems in programming majors is that they often lack practical classes. Students don’t deal with real-life problems, cramming theory only. Oddly, though, they are prone to getting practical tasks without explaining how to deal with them. So they look for outside assistance to help them comprehend how to apply theoretical knowledge and find the most effective solution to the problem.

The Bottom Line

Of course, studying programming doesn’t instantly mean students will need help with their homework. Many things depend on their motivation, passion, and knowledge. The more robust these are, the more likely they will nail the tasks independently. However, many outside factors can affect students and make them look for additional help with programming homework. Regardless of what way of assistance they choose, it’s essential to understand the subject and learn how to use obtained knowledge in the field.

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