How do you know the wedding bells will be tolling soon in your current relationship? First, it begins with a strong sense of synchronization between you and your partner. Everything seems to play out just fine when they are around. Secondly, “we” conversations start popping up frequently in conversation or plans. Also, your relationship may be altar-bound when you start noticing a sense of accountability brewing between you and your partner. The signs are always apparent for you or even observers to note.
While these signs may not always guarantee a successful marriage, they remain telltale signs to look for in your relationship. So, if you are at a loss about whether your current connection will take you down the aisle, find valuable insights regarding that in this article.

They tell you everything first:

Whether good news or bad, you are their first choice when relaying daily occurrences and events without sparing a single detail. They do this because they believe your opinion towards a particular affair is highly recommend. Also, regardless of what tidings you bear, they are always there to relish the good moments or help you figure out the bad ones.
Furthermore, they seem to trust and believe in your impeccable decision-making process enough to seek your opinions on things. When your partner brings you in the loop of various events in a relationship, it is apparent that they see you as someone with whom they want to spend a long time. Therefore, they feel confident telling you every detail of their lives.

They don’t force changes.

Relationships don’t magically fall in place. There will always be specific kinks that need plain ironing out. While a positive change is an impetus for marriage, it is always interesting when you or your partners don’t force changes on each other. It can be a habit, albeit a bad one you hope your partner should work on. You don’t constantly nag about it or sound condescending. Instead, you take a calm-headed and open-minded approach towards jointly tackling the issue on the ground.
Furthermore, when these habits pop up frequently, both of you can agree on proper ways of figuring affairs out. It can be a visit to the therapist, or you both have a good conversation around the issue. So, once you or your partner don’t enforce changes from all indications, your relationship is bound for marriage.

 You inspire yourselves

So, if your partner constantly inspires confidence in you, they may see a big picture with you. First, it shows patience towards a struggling partner in a relationship without expecting any praise in return. Second, there is a mutual sense of expressing confidence in a struggling partner. By gearing them towards getting back on their feet, you show that both of you can jointly see the light at the end of the tunnel regardless of the current situation.
These instances come up in low-yielding jobs, a failed business, or difficulties in achieving an objective. However the situation may seem, once you have faith in your partner, it’s a telltale sign that things are bound to move fast in the path of marriage.

They discuss plans

Have they ever discussed the number of kids they want to have, what to name them, or their retirement plans? Or, have they thought of possible wedding dresses, venues, what they want to wear, and suitable invites? If your partner starts asking these questions or making these plans, they may be setting their sights on marriage.
In every relationship, daydreaming isn’t unexpected. However, when they discuss these plans with much certainty or set a time threshold, they are keen to walk down the aisle with you. Take note, these marriage discussions must always be in tandem with your plans, or you may risk suffering a one-sided wedding planning, while you don’t share the enthusiasms, or vice-versa.

They introduce you to their family.

One of the early telltale signs of a relationship that might lead to marriage is when they are eager to introduce you to their family. This often stems from a firm conviction that they are with the right person. While this won’t be a quick affair early in the relationship, a red flag can be a reluctance to meet family members.
It is advisable to monitor their reaction so you don’t frighten your partner into the relationship. Regardless, when the feeling is mutual and you are convinced that your partner is ready to meet your family, there may be chances that your relationship is ready for marriage. Also, the moment you realize you are always welcome at his family gatherings, you can always tell with certainty that your relationship is headed for a wedding.

 You have a lot in common.

When everything seems in sync, you can always be sure that marriage is in the works. It’s one of the earliest signs to watch for. After that, everything appears to pan out. If you will spend the rest of your life with your partner, it must be borne of some shared belief for the rest of your lives.
What you have in common can range from a series of shared ideas, religions, wedding accessories, or some quirks you find humorous. Furthermore, it can come in the form of some common sense of responsibility that signals a future together for you.


Life is not all rosy. There are times when things don’t just work out. In those times, your partner must be sure to stand by you. When you hit these rough patches, you need a partner that will provide all forms of support you need. The supports you need ranges from emotional, financial to psychological support. Furthermore, it is best if you are confident that you can confide in them on issues that concern your well-being.
So, you sense that you have a partner that stands by, regardless of how rough things may seem. It is most likely that they are after a long-term relationship with you.


Everyone treasures his independence. We rarely like to submit ourselves or have any sense of responsibility to someone, except if they mean the world to us. It’s human nature to have a sense of responsibility towards an individual or something. It inspires a deep understanding of trust towards that person. One of the signs your relationship is marriage-worthy is when your partner inspires a sense of accountability and vice-versa. Furthermore, there is a good chance that you can always lower your guard and become more vulnerable around each other with such individuals. Also, when you begin to take more responsibility for your actions, things may be looking up.

The communication is impeccable.

If you want to be with your partner for a long time, you must build a solid rapport in the future. In every relationship, constant and impeccable communication remains the bedrock. But, first, you must have figured out how your partner expresses themselves, and vice-versa.
With a good knowledge of how you express yourself, it is straightforward always to communicate your feelings. Furthermore, when both of you are good listeners, there are chances that there is room for both of you always to let things off your chest instead of piling them up.
Furthermore, your attitude towards communication matters in the relationship. It covers your reaction when your partner tries to reach you for a conversation. Are you willing to pause for a while to listen with genuine interest? And can they do the same? Once you find that your partner communicates best to your taste, marriage may be a matter of time.

You are trying new things out.

Have you ever had a partner that rejigs your boring old life into something new? If yes, you may want to consider marrying them. There is an undeniable role partner play by inspiring a sense of confidence in you to explore new things. These new things may be as simple as trying a new haircut, hitting the gym to look trim, or binge-watching a favorite TV series.
You know you are with the right person when you constantly try new things out and are always keen on more unique experiences. From all indications, when you evolve together with your partner, you may stay together over the years. Exploring new things always sparks the relationship when it seems like things are already tipping sideways. Therefore, when you find a partner that continually sets the stage for a new adventure, the chances are that you are heading for marriage.


In a world where we fall victim to bad relationships, having someone who sees life from your perspective can be a huge relief. However, they don’t just magically appear. The process must have been in place, and the whole time you must have sensed that you will someday tie the knot with them.

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