Top 5 Ideas for Symbolizing the Protection Tattoos

From ancient times to the present, people have tattooed various symbols that they believe protect themselves by using different methods all around the world. The symbols are differed based on the cultures, beliefs, society, etc., but the purpose is the same; to be protected from evil and gain strength. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo to protect yourself; you may take a look at the top five symbols for protection. Let’s explore them!


One of the most common and aesthetically pleasing tattoos; dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers are believed that protect people from nightmares while they are sleeping. Instead, they catch the dreams with good vibes. The dreamcatcher tattoos can be tattooed in various styles and with different color options. They can be designed realistic, with a watercolor background, combined with some animals, and goes on. You can create whatever you want!

The Evil Eye

The evil eye is mostly found in Turkey and Greece and it is believed that it protects from the people with the “evil eye”. The original design of the evil eye is based on the different shades of blue and a black dot in the middle; sometimes a little bit of yellow is added. The evil eye tattoos will protect you from bad fortune, bad luck, curses, evil people; and brings you instead of the greatest luck, good health, and fortune. You can choose the size and the place and get an evil eye tattoo!

Viking Protection Symbol

Viking protection symbols are one of the most common tattoos that you are possibly familiar with. Back in time, the Vikings had tattoos with primitive ways as “Algiz” for protection of themselves and animals as they are in a war. Algiz represents the letter “Z” in the Latin alphabet. The symbol is similar to a human figure with two arms up which is symbolizes the horned animals. Nowadays, some people choose to be tattooed with multiple of the Algiz. You may choose what suits you!

Hamsa the “Hand of God”

Hamsa which is also known as “Hand of God” is the shape of the hand as its name refers. It is coming from the Middle East and mostly tattooed by henna back in there. It is believed that Hamsa is bringing protection from evil, an abundance of goodness, love, good health, and lots of happiness. Two different designs are mostly preferred. One of them is drawn as a basic hand shape and the other is with two thumbs. Also, sometimes there is an eye on the middle of the hand.

Angel of Protection

The angel of protection figure is mostly representing love. It is mostly preferred on the right arm where it is believed that the angel of protection stays on the top of the right shoulder in most religions and spiritual beliefs. Sometimes, the angel can be designed as Cupid with its bow and arrow. Maybe, you can find the love of your life with the angel of protection inked on your body.

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