Possible solution if someone steals your content

In this modern age of the Internet, everything turns out to be observable. Today, billions of data are deemed over the web, and we can say that for sure that you will plunge if you jump into those. Well! Along with this mess, the most unfortunate thing is the snatching of your efforts without your consent. No matter how much effort you have put into writing good content. Once you post that up on the Internet, anyone can steal it. And, of course, it will be a pathetic thing to face. 

If we include it in the same context, it would be the rising fire of misconception. Many copycats steal your content and use them for further aims. It implies that your rational properties have to be safe, and you can get this job done by using plagiarism checks online. However, there are more things that you should know today. We suggest you read this post to the bottom line!

What If Someone Steals Your Content?

Everyone knows that there is no space for cheaters in this realm. No matter who you are, where you are from, and how worthy your efforts are, if someone caught duplication in your work, you will become a cheater. It was a solo thing that can ruin much of a person. You can say that plagiarism is not tolerable at any cost. Let us explain to you in two terms.

You write a blog post without copying anything from anywhere, and you post it on your website. 

One likelihood can be that you have unintentionally used the words that someone has used already. And another chance can be some other online users have copied your content and used it at their sites. Now, imagine your audience visited that copycat’s blog and read that blog, and when they suddenly move to your site, they will have the same stuff. It will urge them to doubt your content integrity. On the other hand, Google will also get confused about which content to rank.

How to find if your Content is stolen or copied?

Many people usually ask the question: How can we know that our content is copied? Well! It can be two ways: One – some of your site visitors notice duplication, and he emails you about this context. The second way can be via a plagiarism checker. It uses AI-Based technology that matches your content from all across the board. And displays sources from where your content got matched. You can access a reliable and free plagiarism tool via the link: https://www.duplichecker.com/

Of course, you don’t wish to set a wrong impression on your readers. So, using a plagiarism detector would be a good idea. All you need to do is drop your text in the input box and hit the check button. In a matter of moments, you can access the matched sources on the go. You can also use Google Search for this purpose. However, using a plagiarism detector is preferable.

Understanding The Solutions To Make your Content Safe

The story is still stretchy as there are a lot of disadvantages of copied stuff. However, the worst case is when someone copies it and uses it as if it is their own. It is a case that is rising day by day, and every website owner is holding the worries to make their content safe and locked. Here are some factors that can help you in such a context. We will talk about it on the following points. So, keep reading.

Keep an Eye on Your Writers

So, the first thing you should do before doing anything else is making sure that there is no flaw in the writing process. Here we are talking about you and anyone liable for the writing process. You should comprehend that whether or not the text you are posting has already been checked from the plagiarism checker. Also, try to make sure that your writers take care of the content quality and don’t use rewriting techniques. 

Disable Copy-Paste Mode

Another step that you can take to make your content safe is disabling copy-paste mode. It implies that when a user wishes to copy anything from your website he cannot. If you don’t know how to do that, hire a professional.

Final Advice

In the wrap-up, we would like to recall that plagiarism is not tolerable at any cost. So, try to stick to checking plagiarism via an online plagiarism checker to keep an eye on the tracing track. Besides, using the tips will also prove beneficial for you. However, once you catch the copycat, contact them directly and ask them to remove that content or report at DMCA with proofs on the go.

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