Keep reading to find out the top 6 trends in pants for 2022. Our Shoppers have created a list. Take note!

Pants are an essential part of every wardrobe. You have probably more than one pant that has become the foundation of your style. It’s not surprising. This garment is extremely comfortable, timeless, and versatile for creating many combinations. But fashions change and it’s time to renew your pants for this spring-summer 2022.

Trending pants for this season

Every season, new pants are fashionable. Over the years, we’ve seen the wardrobes filled with high-waisted, skinny, and low-waisted trousers. Flared jeans … This season we will find everything from pants that come from the past to succeed again, to pants that will make you comfortable without giving up your style. Let’s start!

Flare pants in the purest Style of the 70s


The 70s are back in 2022, and we’re bringing back some of our favorite garments. These jeans will bring style to your outfits, with their slim fit at the hips and flared at the knee.

How to wear flared trousers this spring

High-waisted pants will help you to stylize your body. version and combine them with high-heeled shoes in the color of jeans. You will be able to wear a casual look that is appropriate for any city plan.

If you prefer a casual look, you can combine light-colored flared jeans with a floral blouse, a cardigan, and black boots. A fedora-type hat will make this look even more impressive.

Low rise pants. Go back to The 2000s


You thought low-rise pants would never return? The year 2022 will surprise you. All shop windows will be filled with low-rise pants. We will see them in both denim fabric and tailored styles. Do you dare to give the trend another chance? If you want to give your look a relaxed touch, we recommend that you don’t let them go.

This season’s trend is to wear low-rise pants with crop tops that leave the navel exposed. If this is too much for your taste, you can pair them with a blazer and an oversized shirt. To add texture and leather effect to the outfit, you can pair them with some leather-effect ankle boots.

Raw denim can be a stylish way to dress up your figure


Raw denim jeans are the best because they have not been dyed. They have an indigo hue and are more rigid than other denim.

How to wear raw denim in this season

Our Shoppers recommend that you go for a total denim look, in which your raw jeans are paired with a pale denim shirt. You can add some color to the outfit by adding a fuchsia sweater or sneakers. This outfit will be perfect for weekend fun.

Tailored pants are an essential part of your wardrobe


Brands have been able reinvent tailored pants and adapt them for current trends, making them an essential part of casual looks. They will be wearing high-waisted pants with a flowing fall this season. They will look great on your silhouette, you’ll see!

How to wear tailored trousers in 2022

Combine them with a floral shirt to give your style a spring-inspired touch. Camel loafers. A white sweater will add light to your face.

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