Overview of top 3 cryptos other than bitcoin

The standard of bitcoin in the national digital currency. Irrespective of how many other cryptos have been made it is still difficult to beat bitcoin even after 13 years of its invention. Bitcoin that has been developed and brought into the focus-light of the economy in 2009 is the first one to introduce people to the technologies like digital currency and the Blockchain system. Following this, over 18,000 cryptics have been created throughout this long decade. They all are based on the same technologies while having some functional and formational differences. But still, bitcoin is the attraction point of the people having an interest in cryptos. 

However, changes are seen from a few years back though it is at a minimum level. Some cryptos other than bitcoin are expanding as they are performing well in the current years. According to elitetradingclub.de, these crypto coins become potentially strong to generate profit. In the future, they might be fruitful assets for investment. So, understanding and talking about them is worthwhile.

Top 3 Bitcoin alternatives:

  1. Ethereum (ETH): 

The first Bitcoin alternative on the list is Ethereum, which is a decentralized software platform that makes it possible to create and operate smart contracts and decentralized apps without the need for third-party intervention, fraud, control, or downtime. The main purpose to create an Ethereum network is to build a decentralized Blockchain ecosystem that anybody in the world irrespective of their country, position, or situation can use freely and effortlessly. 

Ethereum is actually the Blockchain network that generates its native cryptocurrency ether. This crypto token is responsible to power the network. Ether is used as a means of transportation on the Ethereum platform and is most sought after by programmers who want to create and operate apps inside of Ethereum or, more recently, by investors who want to use ether to buy other digital currencies.

This amazing cryptocurrency network was introduced in 2015. Although a lot of other cryptos have been created in the span of 2009 to 2015 but still after bitcoin, Ethereum is considered to be the second most famous crypto. 

  1. Ripple (XRP): 

The next crypto on the list is ripple. The Blockchain ledger of ripple was developed in 2012 by Ripple. The native crypto coin of this network is known as XRP. 

The ripple network uses its own consensus mechanism to work which is known as the Ripple Protocol consensus algorithm (RSPCA) whereas most of the other popular cryptocurrencies use proof-of-work or proof-of-stake. 

There is no centralized control or failure point but, the verification process of transactional data are a bit different from other Blockchain network. It is based on some agreements and correct processes done by some powerholders. Misbehaving participation can stop any transaction in the network. The level of agreed-upon transactions is the base of the verification process. 

  1. Solana (SOL): 

Solana is a blockchain platform established in 2017 to support decentralized apps. Solana is sometimes known as the “Ethereum killer,” and it is because it can operate more transactions than the Ethereum network does. Also, compared to Ethereum, it has reduced transaction costs. 

Salona uses smart contract technology. This technology is responsible for errorless and efficient fast transactions. However, as we have first described Ethereum, understanding Salona will be more helpful by discussing a few differences between these two.

Ethereum consumes more energy in its creation process which is known as mining. The process is known as the proof-of-work mechanism that verifies the Blockchain and creates new ether coins. So, this is a harmful process to the environment. As opposed to P.O.W., Solana use the proof of stake approach, which is supposedly less hazardous. 

The third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization is Solana, which is now priced at around $38 and has a market capitalization of $12.8 billion.


The majority of cryptocurrencies in use today have some connection to Bitcoin, which has a censorship-resistant design and open-source code. It is because bitcoin has shown the way the technologies can be implemented as well as other features and the rest of the cryptos have followed them. This is why all the other cryptos are given the name altcoins. However, they are in progress though slow. In the future, they will bring more potential for people to have great transaction systems and investment assets.

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