Network Management

A network allows multiple computers to share information and resources, giving the business more flexibility, security, and convenience. If you can manage your networks properly, you’re able to send messages from one device to another with ease. As a result, you can enable your employees to communicate better, helping them ensure project efficiency. 

However, if you don’t manage your networks effectively, you’ll face difficulties as you keep up with modern technologies. Aside from that, your systems will be more vulnerable to cyber threats because hackers can access them. Therefore, you should innovate your network management practices to avoid these costly situations.  

That said, here’s a guide of tools to help you implement network management and how it can help your startup company. Keep on reading to learn more. 

Advantages Of Network Management 

Network management allows you to control your information technology (IT) infrastructure from a single location. This innovation means you can monitor your network remotely without physically entering each site. The result is that you can ensure that all devices are running smoothly and efficiently. In addition, here are five advantages of network management: 

  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction

When a customer calls in with a complaint about their service, it can cause frustration and anger toward your company if there’s no immediate resolution to the problem. If this issue happens regularly, customers will begin to lose confidence in your business and look elsewhere for their needs.  

Network authorities like KMT says that if you have good network management practices, you’ll be able to keep your customers happy. This approach ensures that these issues don’t arise by keeping your systems running smoothly. In turn, they can respond to customer complaints quickly without losing money. 

  • Creating A Secure Network

This set of configurations is a vital consideration for any business, especially for a startup that doesn’t have the resources to hire a full-time IT team. With a network management system, you’ll be able to control who has access to your network and what they can do with it. Aside from that, you’ll have real-time visibility about who accessed what at what time. In case of a security breach, you’ll know who’s responsible for making them accountable. 

With a network management system, you can monitor your entire network remotely from any location with an Internet connection. If something goes wrong with one of your computers or servers, this system can notify you so you can address the problem before it causes significant issues for your business. 

  • Increased Productivity

An adequately managed network makes it easier for your employees to get their work done faster and more efficiently than if they were doing everything manually. Your workers will appreciate having fewer problems with their computers and software because they don’t have to spend time troubleshooting their systems themselves. Instead of seeking help from your IT team, they can focus on tasks that’ll contribute to the organization’s success. 

  • Meeting Compliance Requirements

Smaller organizations have fewer resources than large corporations. Therefore, they often fall behind on cybersecurity compliance requirements set by government agencies. Fortunately, with network management software, you’ll be able to ensure that all systems are properly updated so that you can meet these regulations. In turn, you can avoid severe legal complications that might affect the image of your startup brand. 

Tools For Implementing Network Management 

Network management is a crucial part of any business, so it’s vital to have the right tools in place to ensure your network runs smoothly. Here are four critical tools you should use for managing your network: 

  • Antivirus Software

This cybersecurity program scans files and system memory for viruses, malware, and spyware. This tool checks email attachments before employees open or downloads them into your company devices.  

  • Firewall

This network security device prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information, such as financial data or personal information stored on computers in an office network. Firewall technology sends thousands of packets of data at once to overwhelm a server’s capacity to protect your company against hackers who try to break into computer networks. 

  • Network Management Platform (NMP)

This software suite can provide comprehensive remote monitoring and management (RMM) for your entire IT infrastructure from a centralized location. 

NMPs allow you to monitor multiple devices across multiple sites and platforms from one console, including switches, routers, and firewalls. Aside from that, they provide detailed reporting features that help you track network usage for troubleshooting or billing purposes if there’s an issue with your network. 

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

An IDS monitors your network for malicious activity and notifies you when it detects potentially dangerous movement on your network. This program alerts you when a cybercriminal has compromised a computer on your network. In turn, you can take necessary actions to prevent intruders from stealing private information.

Key Takeaway 

As you run a startup organization, you must manage all your networks to avoid legal issues. Therefore, you should consider streamlining your network management approach using these tools. Once you do so, you might gain these benefits that’ll help you protect company devices and information while staying ahead of your competitors. 

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