Moving Your Small Business

Opening a new office is an easy job, as you need to fill vacant space with useful equipment and files. But, when things come to relocate an existing business, it becomes more challenging.

You need to think about lots of details such as considering the right time without harming business, planning for what to replace or discard, and choosing the right storage and moving company.

Above all, there are some details you need to consider before moving to a new location. So, let’s know some essential details you need to know before and while moving to a new place.


When you are planning to move business, there are some details you need to consider. Considering them in advance can help you to flourish your business. 

a). Regional Habits

When you are planning to change business location, one thing you must consider is knowing about regional people behavior.

Whether they will accept your product and services or not, conduct a complete investigation to know about the actual need of people and your desire for business expansion. 

b). Folkways

While moving business, you should also know about people and their culture. For instance, at some places, you can go for a meeting in jeans and t-shirts. Whereas it is not acceptable in many other countries.

So, consider your new place’s culture and trends and find out whether you can be comfortable in a new environment.

c). Cost of Living

One of the most overlooked details while shifting is considering the cost of living. But, this is a key factor and adds value to your operating overheads.

So, before making a big decision, find out not just rent, but also electricity charges per unit, labor cost, and local taxes. These are hidden expenses, move to a place where you can reduce all these costs and flourish your business.

Check out some ways to make business moving process daunting process easy:

Moving Your Business? 8 Simple Tips to Simplify the Process


When you decide to move the business to another location, the first step is planning which helps to complete the process seamlessly.

Set a schedule for when and how you will take everything.Therefore, create a checklist containing all the essential details, such as:

  • Create a budget for each detail, you can also breakdown the budget to know the individual costs.
  • Define each employee for their responsibilities.
  • What essential details you need to tie.
  • Create a plan for customers to inform them, either by group email, message, or phone call.


If you are planning to hire a moving company, great, as a professional moving company helps you to complete the moving process faster.

Professionals are experts for moving and storage of office materials such as furniture, equipment, files, and fixtures. Therefore, with almost minimum damage and downtime, moving companies transit your material much faster.

But make sure to book a two or three months advance appointment with a moving company for hassle-free moving.


Every asset is valuable, therefore, it is important to build a spreadsheet for assets before planning to move.

The more detail you write about the products, it will be easy to pack and reduces the chances of misplacement or confusion. So, create an inventory list as follow;

  • Note down all the equipment such as printers, laptops, and other important machinery.
  • Create a different list of furniture items such as the number of desks, tables, and shelves.
  • Do not forget filing cabinets, files, data CDs, and other key documents.


Moving business during peak hours never serves as a fruitful decision. Therefore while planning to move business, always look for off-working hours.

For instance, if your business is five days working, you will have a golden weekend to shift to new business. Moreover, if you are serving a business with fewer customers footfall on busy weekdays, any day (except weekends) could be the right decision.

But, do not forget to check for how many days your business will be in a functioning zone, and what can be your loss bearing capacity.


Replacing things during a move is logical. So, while making a spreadsheet, look for assets near the end of life. Replacing or donating them could be more useful than storing them in your new office.

You can also sell unwanted items on the internet or nearby recycle stores. As it helps to add some money to your pocket. 


One thing that you must need while moving is boxes. So, take stock of different sized boxes to pack your large equipment such as a printer, Air conditioner to store files.

Some people buy only large size boxes believing them to be an ideal solution for every storage need. Indeed it is a myth, you will need large, medium, and small sizes for storage.

Label each box for easy identification while unpacking items. You can also use color paper containing essential details on the top to track things easily. 


Sometimes packing material is more expensive than replacing it with new. Therefore, many people hire packing and moving experts.

Professionals know the essentials of packing materials and help in safely moving. But, if you do not want packing services and want to try on your own. Be ready with some details before starting packing; Bubble rolls and packing peanuts for real protection to valuable materials. This is one of the economical options.

Remember, while packing electronic items such as computers, monitors, and TVs, always use bubble wrap for flat screen protection. When it comes to picking furniture, cover it with a moving blanket to save it from scratches, dings, and dirt.

While packing do not forget to seal everything with tape and label them. 


Shifting not only involves moving physical assets, but there are other details to take care of while relocating business.

One of them is switching your communication and network system. Plan when and how things will happen. Fix a slot with communication and networking agents to reduce downtime.

For instance, if you are running an IT company, an internet connection is a need for your business. Therefore, before moving, coordinate with internet, telephone, and security system companies.

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Let’s wrap up

Moving to a new place could be a difficult job unless you are prepared with a good plan. So if you are going to shift office shortly, start your preparations now. Conduct a complete investigation about the market, people’s habits, customs, and cost of living. It helps you to move to the right destination.

When you are moving buy all the details that help you in packing from small to heavy items. But before, starting with anything, create a soft and hard copy of all your business items. It helps to replace or donate unwanted items and near to expiry date stuff. Even do not forget to contact communication, network system experts for reducing downtime.

When you are seeking assistance from a moving and storage company. Inform them three to four weeks before for hassle from shifting. Professional moving company experts come to your door with all the essential details of packing material. It saves you time and makes the shifting easy process.

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