Blue in all its shades will be one of the most important colours of 2022. It is not an impartial tone but it is versatile and timeless and suitable for all occasions and any time of the year.


Blue is a classic, chilly, and stylish colour that has always conveyed honesty, loyalty and safety. This article contains some fashion information that will help you mix this shade. Let’s begin!

The colours that blend best with blue

We encourage you to experiment with new colour combinations and get out of your comfort zone, as you know. Here are 5 colors that can be used with blue to set the tone for this season.

We start with a traditional mix. In winter, white is a popular color. If you are trying to make your look more stylish, a white look is the perfect choice. Klein blue is an excellent choice if your goal is to add some colour. It can be worn as a blazer, or a jacket with denim.

Chances are you’ll suppose that black and navy are colours that don’t match. For a long time, this belief has been held. Nothing could be further from the truth. Combining the colours can give rise to a very elegant look with a complicated touch. Here’s a thought. A masculine navy blue coat can be paired with black chinos, black patent leather-based shoes, and black chinos. You won’t regret it!

Blue and camel


Blue in delicate and mild tones gives it a candy appearance. Camel tones can be used to create more distinction. Nevertheless, for those who don’t wish to go too naïve, you’ll be able to go for extra critical cuts like a structured blazer or tailor-made trousers. Brown leather ankle boots with a heel are a great finishing touch to this look. They will not fail!

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