How To Make An App Like Swiggy For Food Delivery Business

People these days have gone digital in every aspect of life; whether they want to hire a cab, order food, shopping grocery, make a payment or shop anything, reliability on mobile applications is increasing by the day.

Smart on-demand applications give comfort, safety and save money and time. Further, people do not have to surf multiple apps, all things are done in a single super app.

Before the pandemic, online food delivery spread into the restaurant industry. People coped up with the latest technology and loved the traction of food delivery apps. So why not restaurants businesses should offer food delivery services online.

Why Do People Love Ordering Food Online?

In the busy day-to-day work-life people often get tired, instead of dining out and going to restaurants, people prefer to order food online and chill at home. Each and every convergence is provided in the mobile application which users need.


Faster, efficient, and on-time doorstep delivery of food, which attracts the people most to order the food online. In some areas, the food app delivers food 24*7 which also is good and convenient for foodies.

Discounts and offers:

After ordering successfully from a food application, the apps in return award the customer their loyalty via cashback’s, coupons, and other such rewards. This Inclines users to order food online via mobile applications.

Reviews & Ratings: 

The customers are keen on food quality and hygiene values, they post reviews about services of the app and the quality of food received. And other users can easily get what they want. Review plays an important role in food delivery applications.

Why online food delivery is must for restaurants

An online food delivery app helps restaurants to enhance their relationship with customers. The food delivery app provides a complete sales dashboard with information about new/active/canceled orders, lifetime sales records, etc..

The Swiggy business model has made delivery of food easy with doorstep delivery. It provides a perfect platform for restaurants, cafes, and food outlets to satisfy the needs of foodies and expand the business to a great level.

By adopting the delivery app, restaurants not only give comfort to the customers but also  

secure the business and give tough fights in the competitive market. When it’s about ordering and delivering food online, an app like Swiggy is the only choice.

What is Swiggy ?

It is a very common name in the food delivery industry, launched in 2014 it operates in 500+ cities of India and provides its service. Swiggy built a dedicated food delivery network which grew rapidly, the primary focus of the company is on logistics.

Swiggy partnered with global franchises like Mcdonald’s to serve in northern India and for Burger King, it will deliver their food across all 23 outlets in India. For financial facilitation with the support of ICICI bank, Swiggy launched its digital wallet named Swiggy Money.

Swiggy : Exploring business model

If the delivery business wants to attain new heights, then it becomes essential to learn and implement a food delivery business model like Swiggy. Eager to know how an app like Swiggy generates revenue? How is its business model so successful ? and much more.

Explore the business model and how it is so efficient in providing services to customers and restaurants. Swiggy operates on partnering with one other and successfully builts platforms to deliver businesses & users’ needs.

Swiggy is a logistics focused model. The app partners with restaurants and provides delivery of food, this partnership is extremely beneficial for restaurants. As restaurant owners don’t have to look for any vehicle maintenance, pay delivery guys, or worry about delivering the food on time.

Following are the major activities carried by Swiggy: 

  • Employing and managing delivery men.
  • Creating business ventures with retailers, cafes, restaurants, bars, food outlets, and eateries.
  • Looking after payment processing and other technical operations.
  • Instant query solutions of customers and redressal of inconvenience caused to them.
  • Marketing and acquiring customers and building a strong base.

Steps to create a food delivery like Swiggy

Market & audience research

The food delivery market is picking up pace and shifting totally towards the online business. An increase in the use of the internet and smartphones has caused people to order food online. According to a report, evolution food delivery apps caused 60% of food ordered online.

People enjoy the convenience of ordering food through delivery apps.

Choosing business model

Based on business requirements one can choose the food delivery model. The restaurants would be extremely beneficial as Swiggy like app development will provide all functions related to food delivery. It makes use of the latest technology and technique to satisfy the hunger of foodies.

Swiggy is an on-demand hyperlocal food delivery app, it not only provides food from restaurants but also maintains a great fleet of delivery guys which delivers food within time.

App development like Swiggy will give your delivery business exposure, and vast customer base and get a tight grip on all the essentials of delivery business metrics.

Hire app development firm

Businesses looking to develop delivery app must serve customers with convenience, and in order to deliver the best service, one must hire an app development company who are specialized in it. Benefits of hiring an app development firm:

  • Provides robust features and functionalities developing an app.
  • An app development company that is always budget-sensitive is preferable.
  • It has all varied set of resources.
  • If any query arises, it gives support and maintenance.
  • Provides security in payment processing as problems do not occur after developing an app.

Monetization of food delivery app


The delivery app generates revenue by charging restaurants on the basis of orders received. Every order made by the user generates revenue for the food delivery app. Later on, it helps to develop good relations between food delivery apps and restaurants, which sustain longer.

Delivery Charges

Restaurants who do not have delivery boys and or the ones who want to opt for quality with existing staff, can hire delivery partners with an app. In return, the restaurant pays for the food delivery app. If the restaurant wants to widen its reach over the city they can approach  the food delivery app like Swiggy for the delivery personnel.

This is a popular source of earning and generating revenue. Food Delivery apps display ads and short video clips about new restaurants launched or food items launched, apps in return charges for ads displayed.

The ads are displayed according to the restaurant owner’s decision and app charges accordingly. Mainly the ads are frequently displayed on the homepage.

Wrapping Up

People are always online in this era, by introducing an online food delivery app in day-to-day life, you” ll not only meet customers’ expectations but also emerge as an innovative service provider.

If you are new in the online food delivery market, the better way to engage customers is by making effective marketing strategies and offering discounts, cashback, and other lucrative offers.  

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