Our Personal Shoppers have created a guide to help you create your 60s look.

Say YES to:
  • Short skirts and dresses
  • The vibrant colors
  • The eye-catching prints
  • High-waisted straight-cut pants
Say NO to:
  • Maxi dresses and skirts
  • Dull and boring colors
  • Utility pants
  • XXL clothes

These 60s style icons can be your inspiration


It is hard to find inspiration to recreate the 60s looks than from fashion icons of the past. We’ve chosen some of their favorite looks, each one unique, but all with one thing in common: Their great taste and style.

  • Jackie Kennedy: The first lady of America was a woman with a clean and simple style. She wore shift dresses with buttoned sleeves and low heels and wore buttoned jackets with her shift dresses. She was the first to make monochromatic looks and kitten heels fashionable.
  • Brigitte Bardot: Actress, singer and writer. France’s eternal muse used to rock a laid-back look with high-waisted, straight-leg trousers that she often paired with a knitted jumper. No matter how many years pass, Brigitte’s style is timeless.
  • Mary Quant: The British designer was known for her fun style. She wore very short dresses that were colorful and full of bright print. Quant was the creator of the miniskirt. Mary, we are grateful!
  • Audrey Hepburn: Audrey was delicate and elegant. She was passionate about berets (another essential 60s style). This accessory was often worn with her capri pants or fitted tops.
  • Catherine Deneuve: The French actress played the role as a beautiful, cold, distant woman like no one else. Off-screen, her looks were more vibrant. She wore a variety of styles, including headbands, mini dresses and trench coats. Without a doubt, Deneuve’s looks would be a true trend today.

How to wear the 60s style in this season


We continue to give you ideas for a 100% 60’s look this season. These tips will help you create your own look. You can try them all and pick the one that you like best.

  • Monochrome looks
  • Mix and match!
  • Try white boots

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