It’s never too late to discover your true style. You are at a great stage to experiment with your body and discover your true style, even if you’re just turning 60. Feeling good about yourself will make you feel happier inside, and help you face any challenges with more energy and positivity.

Style tips for 60

At 20 and 30, no one is the same as at 40, 50, or 60. As life changes and you decide what priorities to prioritize at each stage, so does the style that you feel most comfortable and with whom you identify. There is one thing that is constant at all stages of life: the importance of feeling good about yourself, both inside as well as out. Although the 60s are a time of many changes, they are also a great time to continue exploring styles and garments that reflect your true essence.

If you’re a 60-year old woman, we have 5 style tips to help you get the most from it.

  1. Don’t give up on fashion. Let it be a way to express yourself. The sixties decade is the perfect time to continue to wear elegant, current looks and to show off style.
  2. Remember that less can be more. Don’t be afraid to mix trendy clothes with wardrobe basics. Simplicity and simplicity are the keys.
  3. You can play with colors to bring out the light in your face. You can choose the colors that you like the most and balance them with other parts of the look.
  4. Elegance must be elevated above all else, but not without your style.
  5. Mix and match clothes from different styles. If you love sports looks, you can wear them without any problems by pairing them with more sophisticated clothing to achieve the perfect balance.

Stop thinking that fashion is only for the young. It is the opposite. You have the maturity and confidence to choose what looks best and how to wear it. Do not compare your style to what you wore years ago. 60 is the best age for self-esteem. Use this opportunity to your advantage and make the most of it!






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