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Housemaids clean and maintain houses and perform other domestic chores. They are either self-employed or work for a residential cleaning company. You clean several different homes routinely, according to the contractual agreement between you and the employer. Your job is to clean the living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Other duties required of you as a housemaid are to dust household appliances, wash floors, scrub countertops, remove tough stains, vacuum floors, and take out the trash.

If you love providing good customer service and meeting people’s needs, you can consider housemaid jobs available in your area. However, we have teamed up with professionals from job aggregator Jooble to enlighten you on how you can become a housemaid. Let’s explore more.

How to Become a Housemaid

You need to have basic housekeeping experience to thrive in this profession. However, the exact requirements may vary depending on whether you are self-employed or work for a professional cleaning company, hospital, or hotel.

Below are the main requirements to become a housemaid:

  • Have A Formal Education

Having at least a high school degree is enough to start a career as a housemaid. Historically in the hospitality industry, housemaids have been generally uneducated. Having an academic background does not matter as this is menial work. But due to the expanding part of this job in the current clime, having a formal education is a plus.

For those who want a form of certification, there are online courses you can take to learn more methods and industry best practices in the field. However, this is optional and at your discretion.

  • Must Be Organized 

You need to be well-organized and know how to declutter rough household items to be a successful housemaid. You may be asked to clean an entire home and the surroundings, and you can easily leverage this skill to complete your tasks efficiently.

  •  Experience

Before becoming a maid, you must have basic knowledge and experience in cleaning and carrying out domestic chores. You may even leverage your experience in other jobs to become a maid. In fact, many housemaid jobs require experience in a role such as a cashier. Some housekeepers already have previous career experience as a salesperson.

  •  The Ability To Multi-Task

The role of a housemaid is multi-faceted, and many types of work could arise. It is required for an excellent housemaid to be able to handle different kinds of tasks and challenges as they arise concurrently. A maid needs to be able to multitask. This will help you finish jobs on time and give you room to save time to do other chores. For example, cooking while mopping the kitchen. 

  • Attention To Details

Due to the nature of this role, attention to detail is paramount while carrying out and executing tasks. No chore is too tiny to be glossed over. A maid has to be meticulous with all the domestic chores. Missing a spot while mopping the floor can lead to someone slipping over and failing. Hence, you must not leave any stone unturned.

  • Physical Fitness

The work of a maid can be strenuous and requires working on your feet all day. Hence, anyone who wants to be a maid must be able to cope with the stress needed to do the chores well. 

  • Diligence

A maid needs to be diligent at all times. Wherever you work as a maid, you must do it diligently and follow the appropriate cleaning and safety procedures. 

How Much Do Housemaids Earn?

The salary of a housemaid can vary depending on a lot of factors: 

  • experience level, 
  • the geographic location of their job,
  • size of the household they work for.

However, the expected average salary of a housemaid is around $20,000 per year. Experienced housemaids can make as high as $40,000 annually. Housemaids who are just starting might not earn a lot immediately. Still, with time and further experience in the industry, that will change. 


The hospitality industry is an industry that is growing exponentially, and it’s an excellent move to join the space. Being a housemaid is demanding, and you must be ready to give it all it takes. 

You must be diligent and have a strong work ethic to succeed. Since the job requires working with different clients and guests every time, you must have excellent communication skills and vital customer service to thrive in the profession. You should also respect the privacy of your clients and guests while cleaning their rooms. To succeed in this profession, you also need knowledge of all cleaning tools and supplies, including typical household and commercial cleaners.

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