Mobile Learning How Smartphones Change Education

Mobile learning is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. It is the result of an ever-changing digital world. But there are two sides to everything. And mobile learning has its pros and cons.

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning is very common and is known as mLearning. It is a way to access a variety of online content using a cell phone. Mobile learning is the easiest way for students to get help, supplement their knowledge and pump up their skills.

Many organizations support the concept of e-learning and mobile learning. They encourage students to use cell phones and laptops for educational purposes. Mobile learning can be fun for children if used correctly, and it can also be very useful for adult learners.

There are many educational apps available on the Internet, and they are also becoming very popular with children and adults. It is also useful for teachers/trainers/instructors, they can research a necessary topic or provide notes, examples, and direct these apps to students when needed.

The best part of mobile learning is that many sources are available online. So if you don’t get it from one place, you can look for it on some other site. Even with an app; if you don’t understand something, you can easily send feedback and discuss your request or suggestion with the app developer or the app company.

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Tasks that mobile learning solves

The functionality of mobile learning boils down to three main areas.

Learning new material

Smartphones provide access to electronic textbooks, allow the playback of audio and video content, and the use of mobile learning applications in the classroom.

For example, the Google Earth app with a satellite image of the Earth’s surface can replace tired maps in geography classes. If you display it on a large scale on the interactive panel ActivPanel from Promethean, students will not be so easily distracted by extraneous matters.

The Geogebra application allows you to build mathematical graphs, functions, 3D models and perform complex calculations. Who would have thought that geometry and math lessons could become so much fun.


Mobile technologies allow to organize tests, written work and independent control of students’ knowledge. For teachers, online assessments have the advantage of making it easier to calculate results.

Organization of project work

Messengers, online team boards, cloud storage, webinars – all these tools further structure the educational process and allow quick and efficient exchange of information, solve problems.

Mobile learning takes place under the guidance of a teacher or autonomously. Assignments can be compulsory for grades or developmental in nature. The use of smartphones is exciting even for slow learners and saves teachers time.

Advantages of mobile learning

Mobile learning is very popular, and its use has increased significantly in the last few years. Here are 5 benefits of mobile learning and reasons to use it:

Anywhere, anytime access 

Since mobile learning is all about learning through a mobile device using the internet, it can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

Covering a huge distance

The main advantage of mobile learning is that it covers a huge distance, so even if you are in Australia or the US, you can access the same content or tests at the same or different times. Distance is not an issue for mobile learning.

Variety of content

There is a lot of content present on the Internet. Its great variety makes it very easy for people to access it; and a huge number of people from different parts of the world can use content on a wide variety of topics or subjects. 

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Encourages and motivates students

There are many educational apps that use online quizzes to track student progress (daily, weekly or monthly, depending on the learning strategy). 

Mobile learning engages students; and there are game-based quizzes that encourage students to perform better and get better results than before.

Testing knowledge

In addition to learning materials, various types of assignments, exercises, multiple-choice questions, etc. are available online; by completing them, students can test their knowledge and even improve their intelligence level.

Disadvantages of mobile learning

No matter how good and tempting the advantages may be, mobile learning also has disadvantages.

Here are 5 disadvantages of mobile learning:

Problems with software

Software is an application that runs on a device according to instructions embedded in the software during coding. Although there are rarely failures in the functioning of software, there are external factors that prevent it from working properly. 

These factors are changing trends in information technology. Software compatibility problems, not upgrading to a new version, regular system crashes, etc. – are some of the problems that interfere with the software, thereby interrupting your smooth mobile learning experience.

Hardware problems

Unlike software, which is one for all, each user’s physical devices are used as hardware. The devices in use can wear out over time due to overuse, dust, careless handling of the device, etc. These are some of the factors that disrupt the smooth operation of mobile or other devices.


Using mobile learning also creates many distractions. Many students open their cell phones to learn something and end up using social networking sites, chatting, sharing photos, or playing video games. These distractions waste time that could have been used for a meaningful task. For instance, for writing your college assignment or doing your homework. However, there are essay writing companies like that can help ease the burden of completing assignments on time. 


Many students also misuse the device for a variety of purposes. Some abuse it just for fun, and some have secret evil intentions that are definitely not good and need to be prevented.

Lack of internet connection or electricity

This can be a problem in rural areas and areas where Internet and electricity usage is difficult. When you have a device, but don’t have the electricity or internet needed to run the device and use the mobile learning feature, then nothing will work.

To enjoy mobile learning, make sure you meet all the requirements necessary to have the best experience of this type of learning.

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