Tuesdays with Morrie

People often change their life perspectives at the point of death. They distinguish between the important things and the less important ones. This is the scenario in the bestselling book. “Tuesdays With Morrie.” In this book, Morrie Schwartz was suffering from a chronic and life-threatening disease.

The focus of Mitch was on how Morrie Schwartz helped him to understand some problems in life. The author learned many things as he continued visiting Morrie. Let’s look at how the book changes people’s lives. 

Don’t be envious

One of the greatest lessons from the book is the importance of not being envious. By doing things that come from your heart, you will be satisfied. This will help you not to be envious. It will be difficult to long for other people’s things. You will also be surprised by what you get in return.

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Live a meaningful life and be kind

The book has helped many people to live meaningful lives. Love others and be committed to helping the community around you. Create and pursue something that gives you meaning and purpose. The community is so powerful that it can help you to live a meaningful life.

Morrie teaches that selflessness and genuinely helping others can bring happiness and satisfaction. A community does not develop organically, but it requires conscious intention and effort. The author’s visits with Morrie were like a sign of kindness. By being kind to others, you will be able to smile and live a meaningful life. Living a meaningful life is also about forgiving yourself and others alike. 

Avoid pursuing the wrong things

Many people today are finding their lives meaningless. Some seem to be half asleep even when they are busy doing something. The reason is that they are pursuing the wrong things. The reason for being blinded by fame and money is chasing the wrong things in life.

Don’t disregard your friends and family- material things will not always bring satisfaction. Love yourself and other people as well. By being part of a wider community, you will be satisfied and happy. This is something that money cannot buy. 

Be compassionate

By being compassionate, you will help other people and make them happy. By loving other people regardless of their background, you will create a wider family within your community. Being different from each other is not a reason enough not to be compassionate.

People may be unique, but they must live in harmony. For Morrie, people become stronger when they are together than when they are divided. Your purpose should be to take responsibility and be compassionate to make the world a better place. Morrie

believes that the world can become a better place if people do everything possible to help one another.

Live your life to the fullest

Many times, people take their chances for granted, and they don’t live their lives to the best. Don’t take the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones for granted. Enjoy every opportunity you have to help other people. Enjoy doing what you love doing and be cheerful. Don’t think that you have more time to do the things that matter most. You never know when it may be the last time to say goodbye. 

Although many people don’t want to think about death, the truth is that one day the heart will stop beating. After dying, the relationship you had with others will remain. You will be remembered for being there for them at the point of need. So always give your best instead of waiting for a perfect time. After all, there is no perfect opportunity to express your love to people. 


Through the above lessons from “Tuesdays with Morrie’, people’s lives have been changed. The author wants you to understand the most important things in life. These lessons are all about spreading love and compassion to the community around you. This is the best way to bring satisfaction and happiness to your life. Cultivate love from within and then give it to others. 

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