DIY Shamrock Wreath from a Dollar Tree Wreath Form & Scarf!

You may recall my burlap shamrock wreath, which I shared last Wednesday. I bought two shamrock wire wreath forms last month while I was at Dollar Tree. I’ve been going back and forth between doing another cotton rope wreath and one made with a scarf. Since I made the heart rope wreath, the scarf won. Today I’ll be sharing how I made a DIY shamrock wreath for less than $3!

DIY shamrock wreath made with a green argyle and shamrock print scarf covering it, a moss green yarn covering the stem, and a white bow around the stem.

Make your own Shamrock Wreath

  • Form of a shamrock wired wreath
  • St. Patrick’s Day print scarf
  • Hot glue
  • Binder clips or clothes pins
  • green yarn (optional)
  • 1.5″ ribbon for a bow (I used a scrap piece about 8″ long.)
DIY shamrock wreath supplies: shamrock wire wreath form & a green argyle & shamrock print scarf from Dollar Tree.

Cover the Center “Leaf”

Unpackage the scarf and iron it if that’s needed. Place the scarf’s end in the wreath form, just above the wire stem.

Pulling the green scarf into the middle of the DIY shamrock wreath stem.

The scarf’s long end should be pulled over the wreath form. Turn the wreath form upside down. Squeeze hot glue on the inner most wire at the “triangle” tip above the stem and press the end of the scarf to it. This will keep the scarf in place.

Hot gluing the scarf to the DIY shamrock wreath stem.

Make sure the scarf is taut. Hot glue should be applied to the back of your top wire, forming the middle-leaf. Place the scarf on top of the glue. Continue to add glue to the sides of each middle leaf, and then press the scarf down onto it.

Cover the second leaf

Securely attach the scarf to the middle leaf. Now, pull the scarf down slightly from the top. Flip the wreath over as you’re bringing the scarf down and bring it (pulled taunt) up and over the left leaf. The two layers of scarf covering the middle leaf will meet in the middle of your wreath. The side you’re bringing up now will create a slightly diagonal gathering. That’s what you want.

Use clothes pins to secure the leaf by pulling the fabric taunt around it.

Pinning the scarf to the DIY shamrock wreath form with a clothespin.

Cover the Last Leave on the DIY Shamrock Wreath Formula

Place the wreath face down and pull the fabric taunt along the wreath towards the last leaf.

Open the wreath and place it at the intersection of the middle and last leaves.

Now, wrap it tightly around the leaf’s back.

The fabric should be taut. Pin it in place using clothespins or binder clip. You’ll have the same gathering in the middle as you do on the other side.

Pinning the scarf in place on the right leaf with clothespins.

When you have the scarf pinned in place, you’ll have something that looks like this:

The DIY shamrock wreath covered with a green scarf pinned in place with clothespins.

After pinning everything, turn the wreath upside down if it isn’t already. Cut the scarf so that it crosses from the left side to the right. Cut the fabric about 3″ or so from the clothespins on the left. This will make it easier to hot glue the fabric to the wires.

Hot Glue the Scarf

Start with the leaf on the left, face down. Next, remove the clothespin closest the middle leaf. Apply hot glue to both ends of the outer wire. Finally, attach the scarf to the glue.

Hot gluing the scarf to the wire wreath frame.

Continue removing and gluing down fabric. Once you are done with the first leaf, glue the scarf to it.

Now, you can cut the excess fabric. I cut mine about 1″ from the wire all around. I chose to leave the middle section of scarf on the back of the wreath because it’s holding that section especially taunt. You can remove it if you wish.

Cutting excess fabric from the backside of the DIY shamrock wreath.

This is what you should know:

Cover the Stem

Next you need to decide how you’d like to cover the stem. You can use the leftover scarf from the wreath as a cover and attach it to your stem the same way you attached the main part. Place hot glue on the back wires and apply the fabric. As you glue the fabric down, make sure it is taut. OR-

I wanted my stem to stand out among the leaf sections, so I covered it with Dollar Tree’s moss-green yarn. Add a little hot glue to the top of your stem right where it meets the outer wire.

Squeezing hot glue to the back of the wire that forms the stem to glue yarn on it.

Wrap the yarn around two wires at the stem. Keep it tight.

The stem’s end curves out slightly and widens. Due to that you’ll have to add hot glue to the stem in that section as you’re wrapping it. To cover any hot glue, I wrapped the yarn around the stem. When it’s covered, add a dot of glue and press the yarn on it. The rest of the yarn can be cut from the stem.

This is what you’ll have:

Add a bow

I made a simple 2-loop bow with about 2.5″ tails with 1.5″ wired white ribbon. Attach your bow to the middle using a pipeclean or piece of floral metal.

Next, wrap the wire in the ribbon or yarn that was used on the stem. Apply a little hot glue to the bow. Wrap the yarn around wire to cover it. Finally, cut the yarn and glue the ends together.

Place the tails on top and fold them in half. To create dove-tails, cut a half V in the tails.

Cutting dove-tails in the white bow.

Finally, attach the bow at the top of your stem to the wreath. Wrap the bow around your stem with the pipe cleaner attached to the back. Then twist the ends together.

Your DIY shamrock wreath can be hung!

That’s it! Now, you can place the wreath in its honor. Here’s how mine turned out:

Isn’t it cute? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and you’ll share it using the buttons at the end of the post. Remember to pin it so that you have it when you’re ready to sham-rock! (Get it?! Lol!) I have some awesome DIYs in the works, including a beautiful spring wreath. Make sure you don’t miss them by following me on social media and via email by entering your email address below. You’ll get an email when I add new tutorials, free printables, and link parties, so you’ll always know what’s going on here!

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