Convert MBOX to PST using Thunderbird

Nowadays, dozens of free and paid mailing programs are available to PC users. But for business purposes, employees of small or large companies prefer Outlook due to its advanced characteristics and easy-to-use app. Every organization uses a desktop program to meet their mailing needs, which suits them better in terms of security and economy. But day after day, these requirements change when some new options emerge. Thunderbird is, in general, charge-free so it is widely used by individual users. Outlook is a Microsoft product that should be pre-paid, but it is also preferred by most professionals. 

In case you received a job proposal in a new place and now you wish to export Thunderbird emails to Outlook, you should primarily think about how to convert MBOX to PST, as these two mailing apps use different extensions for data storage. Let’s have a look at some of them.

How Can Thunderbird Help You Transfer MBOX to PST?

To transfer MBOX docs to PST, we will use Thunderbird, as there is no direct way for such a scenario. Typically, we should primarily configure the Outlook account in Thunderbird and then upload the MBOX doc directly out of there. This is the step-by-step guide that will help you to do the whole procedure yourself:

  1. Launch your Thunderbird program on the laptop and navigate to the Tools from the menu bar. Press on Import from the drop-down list;
  2. Choose Mail – Next;
  3. Tap the desired program (Outlook) and press Next. And then, all your PST files will automatically be imported into Thunderbird as the default email program;
  4. Then, go to Thunderbird again, and check if you can access your Outlook data without problems. Then, right-click the folder >> ImportExportTools NG >> Export folder and select a specific destination;
  5. You will get a .zip file from which you could upload the doc with the MBOX extension.

By performing these simple steps, you can easily convert the data and easily use MBOX files in several mail programs at once. But the key limitation of using this approach is that you should install Thunderbird on your OS. And this process will also take more time and effort. Still, if you want to convert MBOX to PST, you need to use an effective soft with multiple advanced characteristics. Professional apps allow customers to migrate several docs to PST along with attachments.

The advantage of this method is that with such a tool clients may initiate the migration without losing a single bit of data. It is an error-free solution that provides complete and accurate conversion. Furthermore, the professional soft can save the resulting files to a specified folder. The user will receive a guaranteed result after the process is finished. 

Pros and Cons of Manual and Automatic Methods

Many PC users don’t have the deep technical knowledge to perform MBOX to PST migration. This is the reason people use automatic methods and avoid using manual ones. Indeed, even for advanced mailbox users, learning to perform the manual way may take a lot of time and effort. Thus, using free of charge or even paid tools may be a nice solution. 

Automatic methods are also used by large companies to save the time of their employees. For example, it is more secure, fast, and convenient to convert Thunderbird address book to Outlook with the help of a special converter. This also refers to the situations of massive migration from one mailing client (Thunderbird) to another (Outlook). Why not just use the free online converters? The answer is obvious: no online service can guarantee you the security of your corporate data. On the contrary, standalone desktop programs can provide a decent level of security. Besides, you can migrate PST files to MBOX and vice versa, along with all the attachments.


Now you know how to convert PST files to MBOX and vice versa. Using these methods, customers could easily initiate bulk conversion without any hassle. You may also look for a professional program that doesn’t impose any restrictions when processing large docs to PST. Pay attention if it provides a trial version to check the efficiency of the software. Good luck!

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