The Simplest Way to Change Your Snapchat Username in 2020

2011 witnessed a new application launch, that was about to change the world for good. That application was SnapChat. A messaging application that can be used to chat with your friends and relatives. What more, not only you can chat but also share images, videos, and anything that come under these two categories.

Snapchat is a free application that you can download for your android phones and as well as iPhones. After the launch, it spread like a wildfire. Most of the people used to have this application.

The best part of this messaging application is that the messages will self-destruct in 10 seconds time frame. Hence, your security and privacy will be in check always.

Snapchat experience was going smoothly until a new update came in. The new update was quite complicated for most users to understand the basic function of it. Changing the Snapchat username becomes the toughest job.

After getting so many questions on how to change the Snapchat username, I finally set my mind to write an article to help others.

How does Snapchat work

Before going into the details of changing a Snapchat username, we must have a clear understanding of the workings of the Snapchat application. So, let have a quick review of how Snapchat works and what are the perks of using it.

During its initial days, Snapchat was just a simple mobile application meant to be for messaging only. Later on with numerous updates the simple to use messaging app becomes a lot harder to use for the people who were not into the technologies stuff. This reduces its popularity among the user.

Snapchat is still used worldwide, but not the extent that once it was used. Some features of Snapchat are:

  • Geo filter: It is a feature to locate the places where the images and the videos were taken.
  • Snap cash: Snapchat has a money transfer feature embedded in it. So, in time in need, you can transfer money with the other Snapchat user.
  • Memories: Snapchat has self-destruct features for the send messages, so, if you do not want your images to disappear forever. You can just store them, and then send them back later on.
  • Snap store: It is a place, that acts as a shop for your smartphone. Here you can buy anything related to Snapchat.
  • Shazam: well, this one of my favorite features. It helps you to identify the song.

How to change Snapchat username

With the new update, it has become very complicated to change the Snapchat username. Honestly speaking, Snapchat does not allow anyone to change their username for security reasons. The best you can do is that you can only change the display name.

Here in this article, I am going to you to show the simplest way to change the display name. Let’s get down to the details below.

Access the Snapchat setting

Snapchat setting

It is very straight forward to access the setting. You just have to tap the bitmoji icon to dive into your account profile. Or you can simply tap the right corner with the triple dots. That works the same way as the bitmoji. The only difference is that the triple dos are the setting option.

Edit your display name

Snapchat setting-articledesk

After entering into your account setting, you just need to edit the required section. Follow the process, add your first name, and then the last name, and then there are other several options. Fill every one of them and then click on the save option to activate the changes. After you change the display name of your Snap chat account your friends will get notified.

Check out the profile to confirm

Change Your Snapchat Username

The moment you save all the setting a notification will be sent to your Snapchat friends about your setting. This username of yours will only be visible only when your friend will open your chat. Because Snapchat does not send a separate notification to your friend list when you change your display name. Once your user name is set, one can tap the back arrow to go back to settings, and there you can find that the new user name will appear under the Snapchat code.

Prepare yourself for the labor

Well, I would not recommend changing your user name, as it changes your whole account. As I have mentioned above that Snapchat does not allow anyone to change the username because of privacy reasons. But if your current Snapchat account is not working properly. And it needs a desperate change, only then go for the change in username.

The problem arises with the new user name is that all your data reset itself. But obviously everyone wants to have their old accounts stats. This can be only possible if you are willing to in hard work for the new change’s username.

You have manually transferred all the data from the old account to the new. Even you have to add all of your friends manually. Only after putting this much effort, you can gain the old stats of your account. And this is the only way you can save your old account’s data.

Create a new account and new friends

Once you have completed with the new user name. Logout yourself from the old account and try signing in with the new username. This will complete the whole process having a new username (changed username).

Use the magnifying glass icon ti9 find your friend’s username and add them manually. However, if you know that your friends are in your contact list, you just have to synchronize your Snapchat account with your phone, and all the ser who are ion your contact list will be shown on the screen. Now you just have to add them one by one.


If you ever find any other article saying that they can help you with changing the Snapchat username. Then be very cautious about them. Snapchat itself has mentioned that you cannot change your username on social media due to privacy policy and security purposes.

In this article, I have tried my best to highlight the problems with the change in a Snapchat username and have even solutions for it. Even after that if you have any problem, do not forget them to mention it below.

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