6 Benefits of Buying, Selling, and Swapping HBAR

Hedera Hashgraph, a new platform from the creators of Swirlds, is a public distributed ledger that has raised over $124 million during their ICO. The token HBAR was initially sold at a rate of 1 Hbar to .0011 ETH and will be released to the user’s wallet upon completion of the ICO period. To date, there has been no ERC20 token created for one’s ease-of-access within Ethereum wallets.

When you’re looking to buy, sell, and swap HBAR with Swyftx or any other cryptocurrency exchange, for that matter, there are many aspects you must consider. Before you make the purchase, look at some of the benefits you can get.

Benefits of Buying, Selling, and Swapping HBAR:

  • Swap tokens using any currency (ERC20/ETH) or ETH directly.
    There are no extra steps like first sending your HBAR to an exchange and then trading it for your preferred currency. There is no more need to send tokens; wait for them to clear and spend gas buying more HBAR with ETH.
  • Unlock wallet HRBE directly using any currency (ERC20/ETH) or HBAR.
    There are no extra steps like first sending your ETH to an exchange and then trading it for your preferred currency or HBAR.
  • Transfer ERC20 tokens into the Hedera wallet by sending tokens over the Etherdelta Etherscan link.
  • Swap tokens without withdrawing from an exchange into a wallet.
  • Swap tokens without withdrawing from an exchange into another exchange
  • Swap HBAR for ETH on Etherdelta or any other decentralised exchange to be used as a payment method for a VPN, domain names, etc.
  • The ability to hold ERC20/ETH in your wallet without needing extra steps in the process. No need to send your token; wait for it to clear and then purchase HBAR using Ethereum.

Common FAQs


Can I use any ERC20/ETH with the wallet?

Yes, you will not need to send ETH; swap it for HBAR and then spend gas sending HBAR to the wallet address. You can just directly send ETH to your wallet address.

Can I use any ETH with HBAR on Etherdelta?

HBAR is listed at $0.002 each on Etherdelta, which makes 1 HRBE equal to $0.02. Yes, you can, but why would you want to gain over 40% additional value as swap tokens.

What if the market price of HBAR goes up?

If that were to happen, it would cost more than $0.02 each to buy HRBE on Etherdelta. What if I wanted to sell my HBAR for ETH?
You can use the same portal you used to swap your ERC20/ETH with HBAR by sending them over Etherdelta at around $0.002 per token.

How many transactions does this take exactly?

  • You will need 1x swap token transaction, 1x receiving ETH wallet address transaction, and 1x send back ETH transaction (plus gas fees).

Make sure you research any potential platform well before moving into buying, selling, or swapping items like cryptocurrency or tokens. Many scammers out there will try their best to take advantage of you.

When you’ve decided to buy, sell, and swap HBAR with Swyftx, or any other exchange, keep in mind that it is a continual process that will require constant observation of prices and trends. Make your investment wisely to avoid feeling regret later on.

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