The subject of money is addressed the most in the bible. It’s been cited over 800 times, according to some estimates! Many of those scriptures, in some form or another, mention investing. In truth, the bible has a great deal of information on investing your money wisely by godly wisdom.

These bible verses about investing will not only raise your monetary riches, but they will also bless you in every other aspect of your life if you follow them correctly. To help you further, here is all the information you need for understanding biblically responsible investing.

What is Biblically Responsible Investing?

BRI, also known as Biblically Responsible Investing, is a biblical approach to investing in which Christians link their investment decisions with their Christian principles. BRI examines the financial return to the investor while also attempting to honor God through the investment process.

What Does Your Investment Support?

Many Christians haven’t given any thought to what their money is supporting. They put their money into businesses that make or distribute products that encourage addictive habits, such as alcohol, gambling. These businesses are providing money to non-biblical practices while profiting from the funds of their investors.

Thankfully, there is a growing movement of investors worldwide who are realizing that they are investing in services that are not based on biblical principles. They’re starting to pay more attention to the investments they back and seek ethics, responsibility, and have a positive impact.

How to Form a BRI Portfolio?

Although there are many helpful bible verses about investing, how can you know if your existing investment portfolio reflects your values and beliefs?

The fastest-growing subgroup of the socially responsible investing category is biblically accountable investments. An increasing number of Christian financial firms offer faith-based funds that objectively examine assets to guarantee you’re not backing something that goes against your Christian convictions.

These firms will spend numerous hours researching companies to ensure that they are consistent with biblical ideas, and they will monitor the funds regularly to ensure that they remain constant.

Does BRI Affect Your ROI?

No, they are not required to! BRI funds have a history of being pricey and unsuccessful. But, recent research shows that actively managed, screened portfolios perform equal to or better than unscreened portfolios over long periods. As a result, there’s no reason to believe that those who invest in biblically appropriate funds will earn less money than other investors.

It’s critical to realize that biblically responsible investment managers want to offer options that include a fund’s expense, return rate, and moral worth.

Is Acquiring Wealth Unethical According to the Bible?

Investing your money helps you to have more money not only for yourself but also for others. It enables you to have self-sufficient wealth that you may share with others, use to fund the kingdom, and pass down to your children’s children to continue the blessing for future generations!

Investments always carry financial risks. But if you are taking calculated risks, then why not do it according to your belief? It will not only earn you more wealth, but it will also give you spiritual satisfaction.

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