Proper preparation and the right tools are the keys to becoming a successful tattoo artist. If you are looking for affordable tattoo kits to get started, then you are at the right place. Whether you are a beginner or a professional tattoo artist looking to amp up your tattoo kits, we have the right combination of quality and price that will satisfy all your requirements.

We have reviewed the best tattoo kits in the market that will fulfill your needs and also eliminate the headache of gathering tools and accessories from different places. In this guide, you will get to know about the best tattoo kits available in the market, types of kits, and how to choose the right kits according to your requirements.

To clear all your queries and find the best beginner and professional tattoo kits, keep scrolling down.

What is a tattoo kit?

A tattoo kit is a collection of equipment and tools packed together in one place to create tattoo arts. Generally, tattoo accessories and tools included in a kit include a tattoo machine, ink, needles, grip, power supply, and many other things. 

There are various kinds of tattoos available in the market for both beginners as well as professionals. You can pick a kit according to your requirements and skill level.

Types of Tattoo Kits 

There are many types of professional tattoo kits available in the market. The most common types of tattoo guns are liners, guns, and shader guns, from a technical perspective. A tattoo machine kit can be divided into three types- rotary tattoo kits, coil tattoo kits, and pneumatic tattoo guns when considering a mechanical point of view.

Below we have discussed these three types of tattoo kits, along with their pros and cons. 

Coil tattoo gun machine

Coil tattoo guns are the most common type and best tattoo guns for beginners and professionals alike. These guns come with different coil arrangements- 2 coils for standard guns, 1 or 3 coils are optional. 

The coils are electromagnetic, meaning the needles move up and down to do the tattoo work. Coil guns also allow tattoo artists to control the gun’s speed and power. Also, coil machines can perform filing or lining functions. Mostly these come in two different packages- one lining coil gun and a second filler gun.

Coil guns help in both lining as well as filling, and they offer great customizable options. Any best beginner tattoo kit will always have a coil tattoo gun. 

Rotary tattoo gun kit

Rotary tattoo gun kits are the first-ever original tattoo machines developed on rotary mechanisms. These work on electric motors, which allow the movement of tattoo needles. Rotary machine tattoo kits provide “old school” filling.

Most professional tattoo artists carry rotary guns in their kits. Beginners should stick with coil guns in their tattoo kit as rotary machines may feel a little awkward in hand and give less control. 

Pneumatic tattoo gun

Pneumatic guns were invented in 2000 by Carson Hill. These work on an air compressor which makes the needle go up and down and is also lightweight in comparison to the other two machines.  

Pneumatic guns do not require dis-assembly to be sterilized and cleaned. One thing to mention is that these tattoo kits with whole supply packages are expensive and are distinct from rotary and coil machine guns. 

Best Tattoo Kits For Professionals and Beginners

Here we have rounded up some of our most favorite picks for the tattoo kits available online. Let’s check them out.

Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo Machine Kit 

This is the best pick for both professionals and beginners in a tattoo kit option. Dragonhawk Mast Rotary machine is made of Aluminium frame and Mast motor with in-built power supply. It comes with 50 pcs of tattoo needle cartridges that allow tailoring the tattooing experience in order to accomplish a variety of techniques and styles. 

This machine provides great control and accuracy. It also provides an emulating grip and feels of a real pen, which makes the tattooing procedure more precise and comfortable compared to traditional machines. 

This tattoo machine kit comes with needles, cords, a power supply, and a control pedal. It has a “plug and play,” which can be adjusted depending on the application. This is one of the best tattoo kits offering true value for money. 

Grinder Tattoo Kit

Another best beginner tattoo kit is by Grinder. This tattoo machine kit comes with accessories and tools required to start learning and practicing your tattoo art. This is one of the cheap tattoo kits which comes with a reliable coil tattoo gun makes it great for beginners to practice with. These guns are made of high-grade materials which allow beautiful execution. This is the best beginner tattoo kit that offers value for money, and you will be able to cover a lot of bases in your practice session with this kit.

Eye power 6 Gun Tattoo Machine Kit Tattoo

Another premium quality kit is from Eye Power. In this kit, you will receive various premium quality products to begin your practice and tattoo machines made of durable and superior material which are easy to use. You will also get a sterilized needle in the package. This is one of the best cheap tattoo kits for beginners, with no compromise on the quality.

The tattoo kit is equipped with the six best tattoo guns and ten wrap coils. These machines can be used for both shading and lining at low temperatures. It comes with a power supply of 110 volts to 210 volts, once foot pedal, and one clip-cord to easily connect this machine to the power supply. This will provide you stable and accurate current. 

Eye power tattoo gun machine kit includes seven ink bottles of different colors, several cups, and one ink holder. You will also get a rubber band, two stainless grips, and many other accessories that are required for you to begin tattooing.  

Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3

Another of the most recommended professionals and beginner-friendly tattoo kits on our list is from Solong. The brand is well-known for its build and performance, which makes it different and unique from all the other kits of the same price range. If you are a beginner in this field, you should get your hands on this tattoo machine kit. 

It includes everything that you can ask for in a tattoo kit. There are three best-quality tattoo guns for shading and lining, which work in low temperatures without any climatic issues. Along with this, it also contains digital 40 ink bottles of all the most frequently used colors in a tattoo, 50 tattoo needles, eight stainless steel tips, 60 disposable tips, ten tattoo grips, ten rubber rings with 50 rubber bands, and grommets. 

All the things come packed in a premium case which you can carry along with you. The kit also has a handy instruction manual going through every single process. Overall, these are the most affordable professional tattoo kits you can get online.

Rehab Complete Tattoo Set

If you are looking for a single go-to kit for creating the best body arts, then Rehab will be the right choice for you. No matter if you are a beginner or professional in the tattooing field, you will definitely love all these products. 

This tattoo machine kit comes with a lot of accessories that will take your tattoo art to the next level. It includes a professional-grade foot pedal which helps to control the performance sling with a clip cord to connect to the tattoo machine. Not only this, but it comes with four ink shots, ten antimicrobial rubber bands, 100 caps, ten spare rings, 5 needles with extra washers.

The company also gives an anti-scar ointment free for a speedy recovery of tattoo and latex gloves for proper handling and gripping. You will also get practice skin and an e-book with all the instructions in case you need help in setting up.

Hildbrandt Advanced Kit

Hildebrandt is one of the best rotary tattoo gun kits on this list. It includes both silencer liner and shader rotary machine, which makes the best professional tattoo kits as well as beginner-friendly to refine your skills.

This kit comes with Spartan power supplies, tattoo guns, one clip cord that will provide hours of constant performance, a foot pedal, a textbook guide, and one DVD for video tutorials. It also has o ring, step bushings, transfer paper, rubber bands, practice skin, and transfer paper to start with your tattoo journey successfully. 

If you are looking for the best tattoo kits to refine your art skills, this Hildbrandt kit will not make you regret anything. 

Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

If you search for the best beginner tattoo kit, you will love this one from Wormhole. The kit consists of everything that you might need to grow your business and become a professional tattoo artist. The best part about Wormhole tattoo kits is that they offer a one-year replacement service on all products free of cost. It comes at a very affordable price which makes it the first preference of beginners. 

In this tattoo kit, you will get two machine-shading and lining, foot pedal, ten inks, sterilized tattoo needles, rubber bands, tips, practice skin, o ring, disposable tubes, common accessories. You will also get one online guide to help you set up this tattoo machine kit giving video lectures and some popular tattoo design images to begin your practice. 

Shark Complete Pro Tattoo Kit

Last but not least is the Shark tattoo gun kit specially designed as professional tattoo kits. This kit has FCC certification, which shows the credibility of the companies towards their customers. Also, you will get a one-year warranty on all the products included in the kit.

This kit consists of eight tattoo machines which include four liners, four shaded for adjustability and fine gripping, a digital power supply, long clip cord to move it easily during the session. Also, this kit has ten copper coils along with a carry case that allows taking this kit from one place to another. It also has accessories like fifty needles, practice tips, DVDs, disposable tips, ink cups, and many other adjustment tools.

So if you are in search of a professional-grade tattoo kit, this will be a perfect option for you.

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How to choose the best tattoo kit?

There are many things that you need to consider when choosing the best professional tattoo kits for yourself. The first factor to consider is your needs and requirements. A professional artist needs premium and expensive tools, and beginners need affordable kits for practice. 

Here are some of the factors that you need to keep in consideration when choosing a tattoo machine kit or gun for yourself. 


When buying tattoo machine guns, always check the materials and accessories beforehand. You should always buy a tattoo machine from stainless steel and tattoo accessories made of premium quality plastic. The durable material will make sure that your tattoo kit is worth every penny.

Check tattoo machine

A tattoo gun is the most important thing in the entire kit; therefore, checking the number of guns, durability, and working of the gun is extremely important. The more the guns, the better also, whether these can be used for both lining and shading. 

Overall kit quality and quantity

After you have thoroughly examined the tattoo machine quality, it’s time to check the no. of inks and other accessories you get. Will you get a bundle of sterilized needles, a foot bad, foot pedals, rubber bands, and other things in kits? Do not forget to check the quality of other accessories as well.

Kit case

In the best tattoo kits, you will always get a number of things ranging from small to large, which will be used for tattooing. Therefore always check whether you will get a good quality case to keep the tools and accessories safe and organized. A tattoo case must be durable and strong to keep your equipment protected.

Final Words:

We hope this tattoo machine kit guide will help you pick the right tattoo guns and kits in the market. You can choose any kit from the above-listed options. All these products are the best in terms of quality and performance, which makes them perfect for both beginners and professionals. 

If you have any queries and suggestions, do not forget to leave a comment below.

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