Appealing Spine Tattoos to Try this Summer for a Fashionable Look

Looking for ideas to look unique and stunning this summer? If yes, then spine tattoos are the perfect pick for you. Most of the tattoos that we see every day are one of a kind, but spine tattoos are something different. Not only the beautiful design but also the placing makes them more special. Here is an article with some appealing spine tattoo ideas to get a sexy look this summer.

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Beautiful Spine Tattoos

The spine is one of the most painful tattoo spots to get tattoo. The spine is covered by only a thin layer of skin which makes it a painful tattoo spot. However, the pain varies from person to person. 

No matter what, if you like spine tattoos, don’t let the pain stop you from getting it. The spine is our backbone, and adoring will not only make you feel empowered but will also encourage you to stand tall through all the hard times of life. We have rounded up a list of spine tattoos for women and men to make you stand out in the crowd. 

Dragon Spine Tattoos

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If you want to feel empowered and strong, then dragon spine tattoos are the perfect pick for you. A dragon is one of the most powerful and fierce mythical creatures. Dragon tattoos are remarkably popular in the tattoo world due to their beautiful design and deep symbolic meaning.

A dragon represents a wide range of things in different cultures, but usually, a dragon tattoo symbolizes passion, wisdom, rage, and fearlessness. Moreover, dragons are fierce, strong, and mysterious, which makes them a beautiful choice for spine tattoos. 

You can get a small or big dragon tattoo on your spine according to your preference. It makes an amazing choice for spine tattoos for men. If you are looking for spine tattoos for women, then include leaves and flowers to your dragon spine tattoo to add a feminine and subtle touch to the design. Do not forget to flaunt this amazing tattoo with a backless dress at your summer party. 

Flower Spine Tattoo

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Beautiful flower tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo choices and for a good reason. They are elegant, beautiful, and meaningful at the same time. Flowers are an adorable source of inspiration that encourages you to stay happy, vibrant, and humble all the time. Different flower tattoos have different meanings. For instance, a jasmine flower tattoo is associated with good luck, respect, innocence, and purity. 

A flower spine tattoo is an amazing idea to create an appealing look. Include a trail of beautiful flowers in your tattoo design. You can add any flowers like sunflower, jasmine, or cherry blossom to make the trail more beautiful and unique. The flower spine tattoo looks sexy in the middle of the spine, but you can also get along trail tattoo that goes all the way down. 

Rose Spine Tattoo

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Rose tattoos have been in trend for a long time, and they make a perfect choice for spine tattoos for women. It is better to opt for watercolor tattoos when it comes to a rose tattoo. Adding color to your rose spine tattoo will make it look more unique and beautiful. You can also add a quote to your rose tattoo for a more subtle look.

Get a long rose tattoo with a quote dropping down the spine with an inspiring self-love quote on the tail. Trust me; it will make amazing self-love tattoos. It will always inspire you to love yourself and stay special like a rose tattoo. The rose spine tattoo will make the right choice for self-expression. 

Lotus Spine Tattoo

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Lotus flower tattoos are gaining remarkable popularity and especially among spine tattoos for women. Ladies are often fascinated by flower spine tattoos, and in this regard, the lotus is an amazing choice. Lotus spine tattoo looks elegant, charming and makes you stand out in the crowd.

A lotus tattoo represents purity, perfection, and spiritual enlightenment. It has different significance in different cultures. Lotus has rich meaning, and it symbolizes life and renewal. A pink lotus represents devotion and purity. Get a lotus spine tattoo with the lotus flower on the top accompanied by letters from the Sanskrit language or any other ancient language that could mean something. Trust me; it is one of the fascinating spine tattoos for women. 

Mandala Spine Tattoo

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The mandala is a rich symbol which not only has deep meaning but also makes a great tattoo design. Mandala tattoos are a popular choice for both men and women. The tattoo designs include free lines, geometric shapes, and recognizable images. 

The circles are the essence of a mandala tattoo. All the shapes and symbols in these tattoos are included inside the circle. The circle represents balance, wholesomeness, harmony, and balance. It creates a sense of wholeness, peace, and symmetry. 

Mandalas are a perfect choice for spine tattoos. Get a mandala tattoo inked in black ink, and trust me, it looks flawless. It is perfect to represent the purity and beauty of the human soul. 

Quote Spine Tattoos 

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When it comes to spine tattoos for men and women, quote spine tattoos are the best pick. They are highly versatile and offer a wide range of options. Quote, spine tattoos are best to show your love for someone else or just to encourage yourself. 

No matter whether you like a movie line, and encouraging quotation, or a chant, you can get it inked on your spine. It is a better idea to opt for a long quote to cover your entire spine, or you can also pick a short quote just to cover the particular spine. 

In order to get something unique, you can also combine quotes with a design. For instance, you can combine a rose tattoo and your favorite quote. Or you can also combine a mandala tattoo with a quote to form flawless quote spine tattoos. 

Solar System Spine Tattoo

Humans have always been fascinated with celestial bodies, stars, and planets. So, if you are an Astro freak and charmed by the planets, then galaxy tattoo ideas are the perfect pick for you. 

Now, if you are thinking about which is the best galaxy tattoo for the spine, the solar system is the perfect choice for you. Get all the planets inked on your spine in a vertical pattern. Trust me; it will become the conversation starter, and for a good reason. Moreover, to make the tattoo more interesting, add some colors to it like yellow, red, and blue. Do not forget to flaunt this masterpiece in a pool or beach party. 

Geometrical Spine Tattoo

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If you want something simple with only lines and no shading, then geometrical designs are perfect spine tattoos for you. Trust me; geometric ideas will provide uniqueness in your tattoo, which makes it an ideal choice. 

This slime tattoo idea includes different geometric shapes like circles, triangles, or rectangles attacked in black. If you want to make the design more attractive, you can add the watercolor technique to it. Opt to include colors like the contrast of purple and blue or any other to make the shapes pop. 

The watercolor tattoos add a mystical touch and provide a unique feel to the design. Though it appears in the middle, you can add more shapes to make the tattoo long and cover the whole spine. Trust me; it is the right one among the spine tattoos for men. 

Black Dotwork Spine Tattoo

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Black dotwork looks elegant, beautiful, and amazing when done right in body art. Dotwork tattoo is a type of geometrical tattoo, and trust me; it is one of the coolest spine tattoos. This tattoo design includes different sizes and shapes made of black dots. It forms an abstract kind of pattern. 

You can get a lotus flower inked in a dotwork pattern. Make sure to add colors to the tattoo to make it look more elegant and cool at the same time. These tattoos will help you attain the right body art and is a perfect choice if you want something really stylish. 

Moon Cycle Spine Tattoo

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Iconic moon tattoos have been a popular choice in the tattoo world. If you want a creative spine tattoo design, then this one is a must-get. This tattoo demonstrates the different phases of the moon, and these are linked in the back in a vertical pattern covering your spine. The tattoo design includes moon phases with tiny details in all the phases. Fine details and proper shading will make this design more attractive. 

It not only makes amazing design but also has a deep symbolic meaning. This tattoo symbolizes the life cycle of humans and represents how every individual has to go through all the phases of life and death. Moreover, it also symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings. It is one of the coolest spine tattoos for women. 

Tribal Spine Tattoo

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If you want something symbolic and classic, then you can pick tribal tattoos. They are often associated with victory, courage, and pride. You can get a tribal spine tattoo for a unique looking and meaningful design. 

These tattoo designs include abstract designs and complex shapes. Moreover, the designs are complete with fine shading and bold outlines. Tribal tattoos look best when they are made using black and gray ink. 

Arrow Spine Tattoo

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If you’re looking for an elegant but simple spine tattoo, then you can try an arrow spine tattoo. This tattoo design includes a black arrow inked using different details. Get this one exactly in the middle of your spine and facing downwards. 

This tattoo represents a sense of achievement and protection. It encourages you to keep moving in the right direction and always chase your goals. An arrow tattoo represents love, strength, power, and friendship, which makes it an ideal choice for spine tattoos. 

Final Words

Summers are here, and if you are looking for some unique and meaningful ideas for a fresh look, then spine tattoos are for you. These tattoos will not only make you stand out in the crows but will also raise your fashion game. Make sure to get a meaningful spine tattoo so that you admire it your entire life. Do not forget to flaunt your tattoo wearing the right outfit. Tell us about your favorite spine tattoo design by dropping a comment. 

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