Can the regular shopping experience on your phone ever feel luxurious? This may seem impossible, but it does not stop Amazon from bringing a high-end brand to its platform.

A few months ago, the company introduced so-called Amazon luxury stores – a new way for brands to present their wares to discerning customers in the Amazon mobile app, with high-end clothing brand Oscar de la Renta is the first official partner.

With luxury stores, brands can create what Amazon calls “in-store deals.” This means that companies have more control over inventory, selection, and prices while taking advantage of Amazon’s wide reach to find customers.

Online retailers will also provide brands with the equivalent of fancy storefronts, giving them the ability to display their clothing in interactive 360-degree views.

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About Amazon Luxury Stores

Brands of Amazon Luxury Stores are exclusively available in the Amazon Mobile App and are only available to sellers by invitation. On the customer side, it is only available to eligible members by invitation. However, great shoppers can also apply for an invitation through the Luxury Stores website.

Later, Amazon Luxury Stores plans to send out invitations to more online shoppers. In Amazon luxury stores, brands can control how their storefronts look and what they want to sell, as well as manage prices and inventory.

Amazon provides the tools they need, as well as business capabilities so that brands can personalize content in the voices of individual brands. Includes great auto-play images and motion graphics to tell a great story.

That is what Alibaba did in 2017 with its luxury pavilion in Tamil Nadu, which sells luxury retail goods. Alibaba has succeeded in attracting high-end brands, and Amazon wants it. If Amazon Luxury Stores succeed at the same level, there could be more than 180 luxury brands such as Chanel, Valentino, and Burberry in 3 years. In terms of revenue, Amazon will bring in more than 100,000 users and 9,159,000 each within the first year.

The app’s Amazon luxury stores make it more convenient and appealing to consumers to shop for fashion and beauty.

The app features state-of-the-art “View in 360” technology that allows users to interact with items for sale before clicking a button. You can get a 360-degree look with any outfit that matches the models that provide a visual representation for different body types and skin tones. It helps consumers who are struggling to buy clothes online because they can’t try the items.

The 360 ​​View has extensive support for size, fit, and even undressing. The 360 ​​feature will be available with the launch of select clothing during the launch of Amazon Luxury Stores.

First Feature Brand

Oscar de la Renta, a well-known American fashion house, is the first label to be announced as a partner in Amazon luxury stores.

The first store to open via the Amazon app has access to the Pre-Fall 2020 collection and the Fall / Winter 2020 collection, which is currently only available on the brand’s website and their stores. These include ready-to-wear items, handbags, jewelry, accessories, and a newly introduced perfume. The brand says that children’s clothes are also coming soon.

Alex Bolen, CEO of Oscar de la Renta, sees the opportunity for Amazon Luxury Stores to grow exponentially by participating in the initiative.

Many customers of this brand are already prime shoppers in Amazon. Through Amazon luxury stores, the designer brand can consolidate loyalty with existing customers and win new customers from Amazon.

Because it is better to contact where customers can easily shop. And Amazon has built a solid reputation as a customer service advocate through continuous innovation based on customer feedback.

Amazon and Oscar de la Renta made a launch video with Cara Delevingne. In today’s world, fashion and technology go hand in hand. The video is directed by Bani Kani and styled by Jason Bolden.

More brands will be launched in Amazon luxury stores in the coming weeks and seasons.

Why Amazon Luxury Stores?

In the past, Amazon has had a difficult time bringing high-end brands to market.

These brands want to avoid being associated with discounted goods and counterfeit products. Amazon saw this for the first time when Nike closed its Amazon store to protect its brand image and avoid counterfeiting in the market.

Amazon Luxury Stores is a dedicated platform that helps address these concerns. It will also help Amazon as a place to buy a range of luxury fashion items online. If the company is successful, Amazon could open a similar platform for non-luxury retailers.

Each brand on Amazon strives for the same level of protection against their image and counterfeiting, as well as greater control over their content in the market.

Amazon Luxury Stores Advantages

Without these worries, luxury brands like Oscar de la Renta can see Amazon as a great opportunity. Amazon is the largest seller of American clothing. Consumers used their mobile devices to order more than 1 billion fashion items last year. Amazon fashion consumers love app shopping in the market.

Currently, Amazon Fashion is already known as a one-stop-shop for every occasion. Budget shoppers buy clothes, accessories, jewelry, watches, shoes, and handbags from a variety of contemporary, designer, and emerging brands. The Amazon Luxury Stores market is just a natural extension of this ongoing effort to expand the selection and create new experiences for consumers.

Amazon Fashion President Christine Beauchamp announced that Prime Minister members will have the opportunity to purchase luxury items of their choice on Amazon. And so the marketplace takes the opportunity to open Amazon luxury stores.

It provides brands with the services and technology they need to create a better customer experience, including better security for their brands.


eCommerce Cons for High-End Brands

Now we know the benefits that brands can reap in Amazon luxury stores. But there are other challenges as well.

We know that Amazon has to go through the idea that this is the place to go every day, for fast fashion. Even luxury brands fear at an early stage that history will repeat itself in terms of counterfeiting and tainted maps.

Amazon luxury stores need to prove that it can be known as a place of luxury fashion and a place where brands can be secured. High-end brands also need to adapt to the digital environment.

Online stores have a higher response rate than brick-and-mortar stores, making it harder to find the perfect fit. Looking at the 360 ​​will help, but the online response rate is still expected to be higher. For example, Oscar de la Renta’s Bolen jointly stated that his response rate in a single day is close to 30 percent compared to the number of single digits in his boutique.

Concluding Thoughts

Amazon Luxury Stores promises a superior shopping experience aimed at bringing more luxury brands to market. Many brands, including large audiences in the fashion and beauty sectors, are seeking online expansion following the rise of Coronavirus and the growth of e-commerce.

Luxurious brands can reach both existing and new customers on platforms like Amazon, where customers can be promoted and customers can be loyal.

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