7 Growth Hacks Every Small Business Should Know

As a small business, you should take advantage of everything, give it a try and make it work for you. Small businesses have an ample amount of things they can consider and make an effective plan for their growth. Often is the case that we try to go for big ideas and miss out on small basic opportunities that can prove to be essential. We will discuss about 7 hacks that can help small businesses grow.

Be transparent about your pricing

Show your pricing

It is important for any business to be transparent with its pricing. Despite it not being apparent to you, it puts you in a strong position against your competitors. The audience may fail to convert if they are not sure about your pricing. Many customers may come with a set mind to buy but then they are not aware of the price, this may ruin your conversion chance. To avoid this issue, clearly label your products with their prices.

Use of Pop-ups

Pop-ups example

A very useful tool and can be a great way to encourage your audience to buy from your website. You can use Exit pop-ups, they can be set when your customer is about to leave the site. So you can create content that may offer them some discount so they will be enticed to stay or maybe come back soon. Other kinds of pop-ups are lightbox, which can be set depending on your strategy. 

For example, you can set one when a new customer is visiting your site for the first or second time and after a minute of surfing, you can use the pop-up with some suggestions or maybe ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. This can help you build data about your audience.

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Add chatbots to your website

Chatbot Example

Chatbots are a great hack for any website. It is crucial that small business should take advantage of this. A chatbot system on your website could prove to be very helpful to guide your customers with some common issues. It acts as a live customer service tool ready with a response immediately for all your audience.

You can use chatbots to help your audience with multiple things, showing your working hours, giving them a live map of your location, letting them easily book an appointment with you, answering questions about pricing and more.

Offer free trials of your product/service


A good way to ensure that customers choose your product or service is to give them a taste of what you can do. Often when customers are not able to understand what you can offer them exactly they are not able to decide. We recommend you provide them with free trials of your product/service.

This can be great practice and if your price is on the higher end it will help them see how you are justifying the price. Among other reasons, they also see that now choosing your product/service has a lower risk as they are aware of your services. Generally, free trials are suitable for businesses offering some service. Whereas businesses offering products should choose to offer samples to their audience to spread the word and let them see what your product is capable of.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

For small business, content marketing is extremely important. There are many ways to develop content effective for your audience. You can use your social media, you can start a blog section on your website. Content can speak volume, leverage that. You can also go for content curation where you give a unique perspective of others’ content on your website. All these can help you gain new customers. Giving out information is more necessary than ever.

Showcase your social proof

Customer reviews example

It is important to build credibility. Therefore show your audience that you are legit and then also showcase what other people are saying about your brand and your product. You can also show what kind of companies you manage or have worked with. The little thing could be a great way for all small business to build trust with new and existing customers. 

Ask for feedback


Always important no matter what size your company is. You should try asking for feedback always. A customer’s reaction to your brand and services could be a good way to know what actually the audience’s perspective is about you and your brand. You can do so by using pop-ups or maybe send them a mail with a small form. Ask important questions that can convey and can be analysed to understand the customer’s perspective about you. You will be able to improve in the future. 


These growth hacks can build a strong base for any small business and take you up from there. Don’t lose sights of your goal and keep focusing on it. All these hacks need creativity and understanding of what suits your business best. Try to achieve that while maximising profits and minimising costs.

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