Content Marketing
Content Marketing

The World Wide Web has developed into a sophisticated system that accommodates every aspect of human endeavors. If you want to reach people or sell products and services, you need to be online. As such, the future of marketing is no doubt on the internet. For this reason, most top businesses have a strong online presence, which grants them unprecedented reach.

The capacity of this virtual platform is the reason for the development of hundreds of content marketing and research tools. This article will showcase five essential marketing and research tools you may want to use in 2022.


HubSpot is considered an all-in-one content marketing platform. It allows you to consolidate and centralize several marketing tools. For you to access all the features of this tool, you will need to pay for a subscription. Nonetheless, you can access a limited number of features at no cost. These options include:

  • WordPress plugin.
  • Form builder.
  • Live cha
  • Popups.

As a content management system, HubSpot offers you an excellent marketing automation framework. All you need to do is create the required content and place it appropriately.

While marketing can be done with the help of tools, writing solutions are not at that level yet, so you will need to hire skilled content writers for your writing needs. But who can you get help from in this regard if you are a student? There are various writing services that can help you with your studies. is a provider that will allow you to work with expert writers to boost your performance. Their essay writers are knowledgeable in many fields, so they can deliver any paper you need.


Email marketing is an essential aspect of a business. As such, many companies rely on GetResponse for their email promotions, video conferencing solutions, email lists, and much more.

Professionals trust GetResponse because it has been in the email promotion business for more than two decades. As a result, the platform has been able to create a vast library of email templates that users can choose from. Like many other content marketing tools, it allows for the automation of email advertisement. In addition, you can integrate it with other advert programs.


Statista brings a lot to the table. It offers you access to data in form of statistics, charts, and infographics. The best part of using Statista is that you are always sure of the credibility of the information you are accessing. For this reason, several top businesses rely on this platform for data when running a marketing campaign. However, using this platform is not cheap – you will have to pay a minimum of $5,500 for a yearly subscription, while the platinum package costs over $20,000.


Ahrefs is an excellent platform that provides you with SEO services, which include:

  • Research information about competitors.
  • Topic backlink information.
  • Organic search flow of traffic.

Apart from these features, you are also able to generate keywords and ideas to rank the content of your website. In addition, each feature works with data. You get to analyze each data point before deciding what keyword or idea to use.

Google Search Console

This platform is the most powerful tool that allows you to conduct content marketing research and SEO. Unlike most applications, the Google Search Console is free to use, allowing you to get access to all the data Google has to offer. With this platform, you can conduct performance and traffic search evaluations for your website. You can also identify aspects of your website that limit its performance.


This article presents 5 essential content marketing and research tools for 2022. Each of these platforms offers you a unique feature you can use. Modern marketers and researchers can leverage these solutions to streamline and automate their work, receiving faster and better data-based results.


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