4 Big Industries Worth Investing in This Year

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused challenges for markets throughout the corporate landscape, and as such, investors have had to think carefully about where they put their money.

If you are investing money in private businesses, either through stocks and shares or bonds and funds, you need to work out where you put your money and which industries and markets will remain profitable over the months and years to come.

This year – and perhaps the next decade – are set to be tumultuous for the global economy, with some industries looking up and others coming crashing down.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel as we get further into 2021. We are already seeing strong responses to mass vaccination and stimulus packages on the markets.

4 Big Industries Worth Investing in This Year

While some sectors might be hit hard and probably never recover, we can expect others to rise from the ashes. We can also expect sectors that were seeing little to no attention suddenly to gain traction.

Some industries and markets, like the growing trend in facemasks, might not survive now the pandemic is slowing down, but others could last much longer.

These industries and markets could make the perfect investment opportunities for savvy entrepreneurs or investors. Let’s take a look at a few industries worth investing in this year.


It might sound like an old-fashioned market, but mining is actually still a thriving industry that has become particularly lucrative over recent months.

While the types of materials that are being mined might have changed over the decades, it is still possible to invest in the industry. For smart investors who want to find a long-term investment opportunity, mining could be the ideal option.

After all, mining doesn’t stop and we can expect the mining industry to see some significant gains over the coming months, despite the pandemic. Not only will this be fueled by the ramping up of production, but economic pressures will play a part.

Gold is back in the headlines as it is every time there is a crisis. For those who are interested, stock resources for the mining industry like WallStNow can help you stay abreast of the most recent changes in the markets.

They are a great resource for those who would love to learn how to invest in gold, silver, and copper, and they list some of the top-performing mining companies and stocks to invest in so that you can find the ones that suit your investing goals.


Biotechnology will undoubtedly be one of the hottest sectors in the years to come. It plays a major part in the healthcare market, which is why the market is always in high demand.

However, during the pandemic, it is more important than ever before. That is because biotechnology is involved in everything from the production of PPE to vaccines. But it doesn’t only play a major role in the control of pandemics and the healthcare market in general. It is also involved in things such as agriculture as well as the transformation of crops for industrial uses.

Biotechnology is what gives us biofuels for instance, which will also be at the forefront of the energy usage market in the next coming years.

The biotech market also drives innovation in the healthcare market, for example, with new bionic prosthetic technology and nano solutions that can make surgery and other medical procedurals much safer and easier. As such, the biotechnology market is a vital part of the global economy and could be a highly profitable investment venture if you choose the right companies and financial vehicles.


Remote education has been around for a long time, but most were still reluctant to use it. Now that the world has been forced to accept it thanks to the pandemic and the closure of schools that it caused, many are realizing the many possibilities it offers.

As such, we can expect to see a significant surge in online college applications over the next few years. All of this means that there will be more need for remote learning solutions and tools to make the experience closer to a traditional classroom.

These remote learning tools might include digital practice papers, online marking tools, and more. Zoom has also had a good year, largely because of the demand for online classes.

Other stocks to look out for in this space include Chegg, Slack, and K12 Inc. Even as schools reopen, education technology remains a growing and flourishing market. It offers the ultimate flexibility for students who need to isolate or have disrupted schooling.

Also, it can help teachers to save time and effort. So, it is clear that, despite the pandemic coming to a slow end, it is clear that education technology is here to stay.


The insurance market might seem like a long-term investment solution, but it has become particularly important for new and professional investors alike over recent months. That is because the demand for insurance is also skyrocketing right now, thanks to the pandemic and the uncertainty that it has caused.

People want to protect their business and assets from disruption. Many individuals are also considering going freelance or starting their own business, so they are taking out policies to protect their future incomes.

You also have a lot more people thinking about health and life insurance. This is natural at a time when the need for medical care, or at least the security of knowing that you have access to it, is at an all-time high.

Private health insurance policies can make individuals feel more secure and certain that they will be able to get the care they need, particularly if they get a long-term illness in the future. We can also expect demand for things like travel insurance to be on the rise over the coming months, as the travel industry reopens after the pandemic.

The uncertainty that the industry has faced means that tourists will be particularly careful over the coming months, and want to make sure that their holiday is safe and that they can get their money back if the tourism rules change again and trips have to be canceled or postponed once more.

Conclusion: 4 Big industries worth investing in 

Whether you are a savvy saver who wants to bolster their stash of money, or a professional investor who wants to diversify their portfolio and future-proof it against any further disruption the Coronavirus pandemic might cause, you can find the right industry to suit you.Overall, investing money in corporate entities remains a profitable and enjoyable task for anyone with a little extra money.

These are just a few of the industries to watch in 2021 and beyond. We’ve chosen them, particularly because they are booming right now despite the chaos the pandemic has caused and because they have the best possible chance of remaining profitable in the future.

Before you invest in any market, you need to do your research and work hard to understand the risks involved before you start handing over your hard-earned cash. Make sure that you study these markets and see if there are any opportunities to seize, whether that is individual stock, funds, or derivatives.

Armed with up-to-date knowledge of these markets and an understanding of investing in them, you can optimize your chances of success.

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