emi-jay hair ties

Sometimes a plain ol’ hair tie just won’t cut it. These stylish alternatives will replace boring black elastics.

Goody Spin Pin

Goody Spin Pin

These little spirals can do the same job as 20 bobby pins! Does it sound too good to be true Well… it is. It is, at least in part. I bought the Spin Pin as soon as it was released. I tried it a few times but it didn’t work. Last week, I pulled it out of my makeup bag and had more success. Although the Spin Pin works, it takes practice to master it. Goody makes the pins in several different colors to match your locks, making it almost invisible once it’s in!

Emi-Jay hair ties

emi-jay hair ties

I heard so much about these stylish hair ties and was thrilled to receive one in my Birchbox. These USA-made ties can be matched with any style and come in every color or pattern possible.

Best of all, they don’t leave the dreaded ponytail bump when you let your hair down. Instead of carrying it around in your makeup bag or purse and tucking it away, you can use this bracelet to decorate your wrist. Lauren Conrad and Jennifer Aniston love the EmiJay line. That’s all the convincing we need!

Hair Combs

Hair Combs

These retro accessories are making a comeback thanks to some great Pinterest DIYs such as this one from Lemon Jitters. For a unique look, take a basic hair comb. Add colorful embroidery thread to make it your own. This romantic updo is reminiscent the 1920s style.

What are your favorite products to enhance your basic ponytail? Any other cool products we haven’t mentioned?

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