3 Easy Ways to Remove Hair Product Build-Up

Ever notice that your hair has become dull and heavy, even though you’re sticking to your usual hair routine?  This is most likely due to product building up!

Products, including shampoos and conditioners, leave films and residues that weigh hair down and cover up your hair’s luster and color.  Hair can also become suffocated and dehydrated from product buildup. It is important to remove product buildup and take proactive steps to reduce it. Must for healthy hair care.

Let’s talk about how to handle the inevitable gunk, ladies! We’ve got 3 solutions ranging from salon-bought to your own fridge!

Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda

Home remedies that can be used to remove product buildup include baking soda or apple cider vinegar.  Be sure to rinse thoroughly or you will end up with a kitchen smell!

Here are the instructions for mixing and using the cleansing sprays:

Apple Cider Vinegar: 2 cups of warm water, ¼ cup vinegar use in place of shampoo, scrub scalp, finish with a cold rinse to close up cuticles.

Baking soda: 2 cups warm water, ½ cup soda.  Mix until the soda has completely disintegrated. It should be smooth and not grity.  Wash hair and scalp thoroughly.  To close the cuticles, rinse off with cold water.

Clarifying Shampoo

A clarifying shampoo should be used once a month. Clarifying shampoos can be more acidic than other shampoos, so don’t use them often.  A clarifying shampoo should be used once per month to make your regular shampoo more effective.

If your hair has been dyed, ensure that you get a shampoo that protects it. It may strip out some of the color.  Try Kenra’s Clarifying Shampoo for squeaky clean, brighter, healthier hair.

Beer (and lemons for blondes!)

Yes, that’s right.  Our favorite tailgating beverage can also be used to clarify our hair – score!  Since beer won’t actually cleanse your hair, lightly shampoo first, then work a serving of beer through for shinier, lighter locks.  For light hair, you can use a lemon to cleanse your hair. Mix it with about one cup of cold water and run it through your hair. The acidity will make your hair shiner and cut through soap residue.  Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

You can reduce the amount of product you use in your hair by using only the recommended amount. Also, ensure that you choose the right products to suit your hair type.

What are your secrets to beating buildup?

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